Whitlock: Putin Fleeced U.S. Over Obsession With CRT, Diversity

December 9th, 2022 12:37 PM

Jason Whitlock Due to America’s obsession with identity politics, Russian President Vladimir Putin knew we were ripe for the plucking. That's Jason Whitlock’s This explanation for Thursday’s outrageously uneven U.S.-Russia prisoner exchange that left behind American ex-Marine Paul Wheland and teacher Marc Fogel. 

Whitlock claimed on his Blaze Fearless podcast that “CRT, diversity inclusion and equity (DIE) dictated that President Joe Biden go to unreasonable and dangerous lengths to win the release of Brittney Griner. She’s black and gay. Her membership in the LGBTQ, BLM alphabet mafia makes her more valuable to the Biden Administration than (ex-)Marine Whelan and school teacher Fogel, both white men incarcerated in Russia.” 

Putin used America’s commitment to racial and sexual idolatry “to fleece us in a trade,” Whitlock added. “There are rumors that Putin targeted Griner because he recognized that the Biden Administration would be forced to bow to pressure from the alphabet mafia.” 

Whitlock labeled the Griner affair the “Bay of BiG” (Brittney Incarcerated Griner). “The Bay of BiG and DIE prove that critical race theory and diversity education harm America and its citizens,” he said. 

Griner is no American patriot, Whitlock continued. She’s “an entitled, spoiled athlete who is comfortable flouting the law.” Two years ago, Griner said she would never stand for the national anthem. While sitting in prison for most of this year, she was selected an honorary WNBA all-star starter, and that league adorned all of its basketball courts with her initials and uniform number. 

The all-star center for the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury jumped to the head of the prisoner exchange list because the Biden Administration and corporate media are driven by critical race theory and diversity inclusion and equity, Whitlock asserts. 

The Griner trade debacle could force the Biden Administration to cut an even worse deal for Whelan, Whitlock predicts. “The wheels are in motion for that.” 

The two men are white, and while Whelan is high on the public’s radar, Fogel will draw little attention or sympathy for serving a 14-year prison sentence for possessing a half-ounce of medical marijuana in Russia. Both should have been the U.S. priority, but our national priorities have skewed far to the woke Left side, and that is not how our leaders’ priorities work in the era of CRT and DIE. It’s a matter of the LGBTQ BLM alphabet mafia flexing its political might, Whitlock complains. 

America is not stronger and safer when the administration bases decisions on sexuality and skin color. We are weaker.  

The “simple-minded idolators” only care about racial retribution for BLM and LGBTQ “saints.” Griner was owed her release; it’s payback for George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Tayor and others, Whitlock argued. 

CRT and DIE have weakened the American educational system, work environment, movies and television. Whitlock says we should not be surprised when it is also evident in our foreign policy.