LGBT Media Fear ‘Homophobe’ Jackson Could Coach Again In NBA

May 11th, 2022 1:42 PM

Fearing that devout Christian Mark Jackson may be considered for a head coaching job in the NBA, the LGBT cancel mob is poisoning the waters against him. Jackson played in the league from 1987 to 2004 and ranks No. 4 all-time in assists. Since retirement he has coached and broadcast NBA games for ESPN, ABC and the YES Network. Mark Jackson

Jackson turned the Golden State Warriors from losers into winners in 2014. Recently he’s been named in connection with coaching vacancies for the Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Lakers. 

Perish that thought, writes Cyd Zeigler of the LGBT-rabid SB Nation Outsports blog. Jackson faces “allegations of graphic homophobia" (whatever that is), Zeigler’s headline cries out. He does everything he can to portray Jackson as an anti-gay zealot: 

“Stories and rumors about anti-gay comments by Jackson have floated around for years. Now they’re resurfacing, with some new claims. 

“We’ve previously written about claims that a rift had developed on the Warriors when Jackson allegedly vocalized opposition to same-sex marriage, despite the team president at the time, Rick Welts, being gay.” 

Zeigler also claims Jackson called Jason Collins (a former NBA player who came out of closet upon his retirement) and Welts ‘‘penis grabbers’ who were ‘going to hell.’” 

Outsports says the Kings and Lakers can’t have a Christian coach because they have LGBT employees and robust pride nights. If they’re putting the LGBT agenda ahead of the product they display on the court then it’s not surprising both teams suffered losing seasons this year. 

Zeigler further hates on Jackson by saying he may never coach in the NBA again. But if he does, “he will have to specifically address these allegations and how he feels today about Collins, Welts, same-sex marriage and LGBTQ people in general.” 

Jackson has been the victim of Christian phobia for the past few years. As I reported in 2019, Sports Illustrated red-flagged Jackson’s aspirations to coach again because his faith is at odds with the NBA’s progressivism and submission to LGBT pressure groups. In the same story, I mentioned that Warriors' forward Andre Iguodala said Jackson “may be the victim of blackballing by the NBA for expressing his religious beliefs about homosexuality.” 

Sports Illustrated also complained that Jackson is a pastor who, as Golden State's coach, often live-streamed church services to his congregation from the Warriors' team facility. Big deal. Baseball teams hold chapel services on Sundays.  

Jackson said, “As a Christian man, I have beliefs of what’s right and what’s wrong … That being said, I know Jason Collins, I know his family, and am certainly praying for them at this time.”  

The anti-Christian bigotry is so pathetic and hateful. How do Jackson's critics justify canceling him over his faith with the NBA’s plans to play preseason games in United Arab Emirates city of Abu Dhabi? Homosexuality is a criminal act and punishable by death in that nation. This wasn't even mentioned in Zeigler's hit piece.