Opponents Of Trans Penn Swimmer Dismissed as ‘Transphobes’

December 13th, 2021 12:44 PM

Courtesy of “transphobes,” an “anti-trans panic” has come to the Ivy League swimming pool at Pennsylvania University. Lia Thomas, the latest trans woman athlete,” has become the “villain”, says SBNation Outsports trans writer Karleigh Webb (no conflict of interest here though). Thomas is a man who’s smashing women’s swimming records to bits, while violating Webb’s belief that “transgender women” are only acceptable to the Right if they lose at women's sports.

Some of Thomas’s teammates are among the “transphobes” complaining about Thomas and unfairness. Media members are also crossing the line in their attacks on the “biological male,” Webb complains.

Whoops, sorry! “Biological male” is merely a “soft-bigot variant of misgendering,” Webb explains.

Trans males are accustomed to mass media “misgendering” them though. The New York Post, Daily Mail and a whole host of others are deadnaming trans males and posting their pre-transition photos on their stories – without permission. This mistreatment leads to all manner of insults by people who feel 100 percent justified in labeling Thompson and other males in women sports as cheaters and misogynists.

At its worst, Webb claims, was the “ ‘monster movie’ hysteria” that she has witnessed in the past year. The first incident came at an NCAA championship competition when biological male Cece Telfer won a national women’s sprint title. The second was at this year’s Summer Olympics when biological male Laurel Hubbard competed in women’s weightlifting.

The “monster movie” hysteria is flaring up again with the Thomas controversy. He actually has people hearing the “Jaws” movie theme in their heads because he swims very fast. So fast, in fact, that he’s already qualified for the NCAA women’s championships coming up in March. Talk about March madness!

Webb has had enough with all the slurs, willful ignorance and accusations that trans males are so mediocre and frustrated with male sports that they only want to win against females. “Nobody transitions in sports. PERIOD,” she raged. So it’s just a matter of them exercising their XY male chromosomes to the fullest extent then?

Growing more agitated, Webb practically screams, “Enough with this ‘its about fairness for women’ and ‘we wanna save women’s sports!’ Really?”

Webb insists that the same people who want to save women’s sports are linked to groups that never supported any women’s issue before. One can easily read the word “abortion” into this. Though saving female babies from barbaric legal murders is as pro-woman as you can get. Webb calls these people “johnny-come-lately wannabe right-wing shock jocks.”

Historically speaking, it’s the LGBT pressure groups who are the johnny-come-latelys. They encourage kids to experiment sexually and to focus on gender identity, instead of their gender reality. They are gender-bending social engineers, “shock jocks” who encourage people to continue in their confusion.