Tebow Debate Rages On: NFL Player Called ‘Poster Child’ For Christian Persecution

May 14th, 2021 2:07 PM

Tim TebowIn the continuing debate over Tim Tebow joining the Jacksonville Jaguars, the woke blog SBNation declares him the “poster child” for Christian persecution. Former NFL players Mike Ditka and Jimmy Smith said Tebow deserves a shot by the Jags and will be a great influence on the team.

SBNation's James Dato screamed about Tebow being a “distraction.” But the former NFL quarterback, who’ll try to make the Jacksonville team as a tight end, will be a distraction to his media haters and woke football players.

Tebow’s alleged “problem,” Dator says, was “of his own making,” adding:

“Tebow became the poster child for perceived Christian persecution and cultivated a brand around it. You don’t just sign Tim Tebow, you bring in every insufferable Tebow fan who claims he was kicked out of the NFL due to his faith, not because he just wasn’t good at NFL football. At a time where the focus should be on starting the Trevor Lawrence era, and putting every bit of support around him, now there’s a distraction.”

The return of Tebow to the NFL after an absence of nine years “is unquestionably the weirdest, and dumbest signing of the offseason,” complained Dator.

It’s also “cronyism” on the part of Jacksonville coach Urban Meyer, the man who coached the University of Florida when Tebow played there.

“None of this makes any damn sense,” Dator continued. “This is the dumbest signing in recent memory.”

Not so, say former Jaguars receiving great Smith and Ditka, the former NFL tight end and coach. Ditka said Tebow is a good athlete and worth a shot for the Jaguars.

Smith was even more enthusiastic about his former team having Tebow on the roster. A TMZ Sports story quoted Smith saying his former squad should NOT give Colin Kaepernick the same opportunity it is giving Tebow. "We don't need Colin Kaepernick on our team," Smith said. He fears that Kaepernick would "divide our locker room."

On the other hand, Smith raved about Tebow: "We need a guy like Tim Tebow, who's a hometown hero who has love for the city anyway."

TMZ noted the Jags are coming under heavy criticism for signing Tebow, but Smith says there's nothing racist or sinister about the decision. He frankly believes Tebow will be a good fit for the team's young players.

"He's going to be a great support for (quarterback and first player taken in the NFL draft) Trevor Lawrence," Smith said of Tebow. "Whatever capacity that is, it's going to be a positive rather than a negative. I pray that he makes the 53-man roster, because we need all we can get."