NBA Shrugs at Chinese Atrocities, But Might Pull All-Star Game Over Utah Trans Bill

March 17th, 2021 1:47 PM

Utah JazzWhat's more contemptable: a league that cares about trans "women" competing in women's sports more than it does Chinese human rights abuses? Or a basketball team that wants all-star game revenue so bad it derails a state bill to protect the integrity of women's sports? If you're talking about the Utah Jazz, you don't have to choose.

The health and future of gender-confused children should not stand in the way of the revenue an NBA all-star game. That’s the pathetic position recently taken by the woke Utah Jazz. The team’s owner warned the state legislature to back off from its trans bill so the NBA won’t pull the 2023 all-star game out of Utah.

A Utah bill aiming to prevent boys from playing on girls sports teams stalled in a state Senate committee last month. And Jazz owner Ryan Smith may well be behind that. Yahoo sportswriter Jack Baer speculates Smith and team president Jim Olson conspired to kill the bill to save a revenue jackpot coming with an NBA all-star game. They pressured the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Kera Birkeland and other lawmakers, to back down. 

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Smith reportedly expressed concerns about the bill's impact on transgender youth and a backlash that could cost the state the 2023 NBA All-Star Game. The report did not indicate the meeting was contentious, just ‘‘very frank".

Smith was supposedly concerned about the potential impact of the legislation on transgender youth. Rather than on the long-term effects of children making harmful changes to their bodies and on the risk of depression and suicide.

Rep. Birkeland says Smith’s main fear was that the bill could cause a backlash resulting in the NBA yanking the 2023 all-star game out of Utah. Money talks, children’s futures walk.

“That was my biggest takeaway, that they had concerns about losing the All-Star game if this moved forward,” Rep. Birkeland said.

The meeting between the virtue-signaling Smith and lawmakers also displayed the basketball team’s paranoia over the state losing bids for the 2030 and 2034 Winter Olympics. Again: big dollar signs elevated over the health and well-being of children. And never mind the FACT that people who had so-called “sex change” surgery are no happier after doing so.

The NBA removed its 2017 all-star game from North Carolina after that state passed a “bathroom bill” to prevent males from entering female restrooms. This is the big hammer used by sports leagues to appease the LGBT juggernaut running roughshod over commonsense legislation. And scaring governors from signing legislation over the fear of losing huge sports events.

Baer’s one-sided hit piece chided conservative lawmakers around the nation and, by association, the girls pushed aside by bigger, stronger boys beating them in sports. Baer says state resolutions are not needed for “non-existent” problems.

Utah’s trans bill eventually bit the dust. However, it certainly didn’t help the gender confused to have the powerful voice of an NBA team speak out against their best interests.