LGBT Cancel Cops Demand NCAA Remove March Madness Events from 'Anti-Trans' Idaho

June 13th, 2020 10:00 AM

When the LGBT fascists say, "Jump!", the NCAA has a history of asking, "How high?'' LGBT activists are calling on the NCAA to leap again, this time by denying Boise, Idaho, an NCAA basketball tournament site next year. Earlier this year, Idaho's governor signed into law a ban on males competing in girls sports, angering the advocates of transgender athletes.

Relying on the NCAA to fold under pressure, as it did in 2017 by withdrawing NCAA Tournament games from North Carolina over its bathroom bill, 60 civil rights organizations and athletes drafted a letter Wednesday demanding the removal of Boise as a March Madness tournament site. The games in Boise are scheduled for March 18 and 20, 2021.

Among the letter signers are a who's who of gay athletes and former athletes: Billie Jean King, Megan Rapinoe, Jason Collins, Sue Bird and others who issued an ultimatum to the NCAA. The letter calls Idaho's law "dangerous anti-transgender legislation ... that blatantly targets an already-marginalized community" and ...

“Failure to move championship events out of Idaho would contradict the NCAA’s core values and would be an implicit endorsement of Idaho’s discriminatory law. Since the beginning of competitive sport, we have become a better and stronger global athletic community by expanding access, not by withholding it. With this letter, we ask the NCAA to stand with their commitment to inclusivity, and move all events out of Idaho.”

Don't expect the phobic NCAA to ignore this demand. Like many corporations, foundations, public universities, organizations and other individuals on the far Left, it fears the LGBT fascists a lot more than it respects people on the conservative side of the cultural divide.

SBNation Outsports writer Karleigh Webb points to North Carolina for precedent by the NCAA to punish Idaho for its values:

"In 2016, when North Carolina enacted the anti-transgender law known as 'the bathroom bill,' HB2, the NCAA joined the organizers of other sports and entertainment events by moving the 2017 men's college basketball tournament games scheduled to be played in Greensboro, N.C. to Greenville, S.C."

In 2017, Greensboro, N.C., did indeed lose first and second round-games of March Madness. The NCAA appeased the LGBT pressure groups opposed to the new state law, House Bill 2, which forbids men from using women's restrooms in public places.

On March 30, Idaho Governor Brad Little (in above photo) signed into law the Fairness In Women’s Sports Act, which prohibits high school and college males from competing in female sports. LGBT fascists have been spitting fire ever since. It's the first law of its kind in the United States.

On behalf of Boise State freshman Lindsey Hecox, who hopes to join Boise State University's cross country team this fall, the ACLU is suing the state in an attempt to overturn the law. Liberal NCAA policies have allowed trans athletes to compete on opposite-gender teams since 2011.

The NCAA is already on record opposing Idaho's self determination:

“HB500 is harmful to transgender student-athletes and conflicts with the NCAA’s core value of fair treatment of all individuals. The membership believes that transgender student-athletes should have nondiscriminatory and respectful participation opportunities on college sports teams, and we are working to understand how this law will impact college athletes in Idaho. It is our hope that all individuals will be treated with fairness and respect in athletics.”

More than 400 college athletes and coaches co-signed the letter to the NCAA this week. Among them were just two Boise State figures: assistant tennis coach Maria Lopez and cross country runner Malia Pevic.