Bill Maher Calls Out Left’s Moral Superiority, Tells Lefties To Lay Off Trump Supporters

January 13th, 2022 5:11 PM

While the Democrats are trying to use the January 6 Capitol riot as a huge club to destroy the Trump movement and the former president’s Republican allies, one notorious Trump-hater is actually doing the opposite and insisting that the left tone down their hatred for Trumpers so we can all start living more peacefully.

In a recent interview with local Alabama outlet ahead of his upcoming Birmingham stand-up show, Bill Maher actually urged peace between the liberals and conservatives in this country. 

Notably, he mentioned that the left needs to stop hating Trump supporters because they are “half the country.” He also blamed the left for being the main side that is acting as though it’s a “superior moral paragon” to the other side with their politics. 

Wow. This is surprising and refreshing stuff. Who knew that one of the biggest Trump bashers and Trump/Russia collusion pushers of the last few years would put up such a defense of Trump supporters? But that probably says less about Maher and more about how insane the American left is.

Maher started off on the subject by urging a lowering on the temperature on both sides. “This country is falling apart at the seams,” he said, adding, “Half the people are not going to self-deport.”

He mentioned how everyone’s talking tough about their political enemies, but when it really comes down to it, we are all just dumping on our neighbors who probably have no intention to move out of our country. “You see these tweets and memes about owning and destroying the other side. Get over it. You’re not owning or destroying anybody,” he said.

The star of HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher offered a modest solution to the problem, saying that if people just started seeing the humanity in one another and dropping politics every once in a while, they might not be so at each other’s throats. “Because when you take the politics out of the discussion — and this is coming from a person who made his living talking politics — you find that people are just people, and you can’t hate them.”

Then he went for his surprising defense of Trump supporters, in effect admitting that the left are the ones really ramping up the rhetoric.

“I constantly say it, you can hate Trump. You can’t hate all the people who like him — it’s half the country,” Maher said. He then claimed, “And you can’t set yourself up as some sort of superior moral paragon, because this is your political belief, and somebody else has another one.”

Maher specified that it’s the left that really embraces this moral superiority, even calling it that side’s “Achilles’ heel.” “There are obviously areas where, yes, if somebody’s advocating cannibalism, I think you can claim the moral high ground if you’re anti. I feel like that’s the Achilles heel of the left right now.” 

One of them, anyway.