THINK ABOUT THE SEX WORKERS! Slate Slams Billie Eilish’s Critique of Pornography

December 20th, 2021 5:08 PM

Well of course mainstream music stars can’t go around spouting conservative opinions without other media members rushing to correct them. After pop superstar Billie Eilish spoke out against pornography as she should, far left rags like had to correct her. can’t quite let porn be condemned so definitively, especially by someone so influential in the minds of current young people. In a recent piece, the far left outlet blasted Eilish’s statements, saying they help support various anti-porn activist groups’ causes, and that’s not cool. At Slate, anti-porn groups are the bad guys and Eilish is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. So much for respecting the personal truth of a strong female entertainer.

Eilish recently claimed porn “destroyed" her brain, was addictive and ruined her first sexual experiences.

Kelsy Burke – who claimed to be a sociologist who studies anti-porn groups’ dastardly methods – wrote, “Groups like Exodus Cry [anti-porn group] seek to weaponize a belief shared by most Americans: that kids shouldn’t be watching porn. But this isn’t the only thing that Exodus Cry is pushing.”

Yes, in addition to outlawing porn to kids, the evil theocrats of Exodus Cry once tried to shut down the internet’s largest porn site, Pornhub, because of videos shared on the site which featured victims of sex trafficking. Not only did they try to stop the internet’s largest fix provider, they also oppose “sex workers.” 

Exodus Cry “made headlines last year as it led the #TraffickingHub campaign, a petition to shut down the world’s largest porn website, Pornhub. And it doesn’t only oppose sex trafficking or kids’ access to internet porn—it opposes all forms of sex work.” 

We’re sorry, Ms. Burke, but sex work, or prostitution as it has been typically referred to throughout time, is in no need of defense, and if you hate these groups because they want prostitution to end, it seems you're revealing your own twisted perceptions of the meaning and importance of sex. 

She wrote, “Anti-porn groups do not leave room for an empathetic view toward those who choose to engage in sex work or to produce sexually explicit material, or the idea that pornography can be consumed by adults responsibly.” 

Um, well Christians are called to empathy towards sex workers as far as praying for them and hoping they find a better, less immoral job, but does empathy mean groups need to condone a pornographic profession that does ensnare innocent kids like Eilish and also brutalizes an act meant only for the confines of a loving marriage? C'mon. 

But that’s the left’s MO: accuse conservatives of showing hatred for people when they’re really only condemning the actions of the person. It’s a nice way of trying to get people to back off in the face of immoral things that people want to happen. 

Burke, your degeneracy is showing.