FOUR ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Songs in iTunes Top 10, Beating Adele And Breaking Leftist Brains

October 28th, 2021 4:50 PM

The left is having a conniption over the fact that four different “Let’s Go Brandon” rap songs are on the top of the iTunes chart. Several of them are still beating pop legend and soul singer Adele and her song “Easy on Me” out of the top spot.

So, the music scene is being dominated by songs that are a euphemism for “F**k Joe Biden!” How's that for a hint as to how the Biden administration is doing?

As of October 28, four “Let’s Go Brandon” songs are in Apple Music’s “Top Songs” category. As Apple Music, or iTunes, is one of the largest music streaming platforms in the world, it’s safe to say that “Let’s Go Brandon” is the most popular song in the world at the moment.

Of course, there are two different “Let’s Go Brandon” songs on this top ten chart. One is by conservative rapper Bryson Gray and the other by rapper Loza Alexander. Gray’s song currently sits at the number one spot, while multiple versions of Alexander’s sit at number two, four and five. 

Number two is the extended version of the rap song, number four is the original song that gained popularity on social media site TikTok and number five is a version performed by artist God’z Child that’s a Loza Alexander remix.

So, yeah, the iTunes library seems to have a version of “F**k Joe Bid” – I mean, “Let’s Go Brandon” – for everyone, or for whatever mood you’re in. Me, personally, I like the rhythm of Loza Alexander's original version. 

The one casualty of the “Let’s Go Brandon” songs' rise to the top, is that poor Adele isn’t on top anymore. The meme song of love for the current president has relegated the British living legend’s new song, “Easy on Me” to the third position. 

No doubt Biden’s been singing “Go easy on me, babe," ever since “Let’s Go Brandon” went viral. Nope, not until you apologize for Afghanistan, Mr. President.

Anyways, one lefty journalist had no sense of humor when it came to Bryson Gray’s song dethroning Queen Adele. Hollywood reporter Roger Friedman expressed some serious frustration that a politically incorrect song could burst the bubble of sanctimony around Adele’s latest track by charting higher.

For his site, Showbiz 411, Friedman wrote, “Meantime, ‘Easy On Me’ was knocked off its perch at number 1 on iTunes after 10 straight days. The temporary displacer is a moronic single called “Let’s Go Brandon!” by Bryson Gray Tyson.”

Oooh, “moronic,” eh? Someone sounds upset. He continued by describing the song as “an anti-Biden record for anti-vaxxers.” Gray’s rap song does include a few lines which mock the government’s coronavirus protocols. These lines have actually gotten Gray’s song pulled from YouTube because they promote “medical misinformation.”

Though, we all know that YouTube, like Friedman, just can’t stand that millions of Americans love a song that tells Dems to stick their policies where the sun doesn’t shine. 

Just look at the angst in the remainder of Friedman’s review. “Idiots are pushing this piece of crap up the iTunes chart, but no one in their right mind would spend money on it. It’s not a song, or a record, it’s just garbage,” he added. 

Oh, and the best line of Friedman’s review came at the very end. He wrote, “Adele will be back at number 1 by tomorrow.” He wrote that on Monday. It is currently Thursday and “LGB” is still number one.