Pro-Lifers Berate ‘Catholic’ Biden Over Revoking Mexico City Policy

January 22nd, 2021 2:28 PM

Joe Biden, the so-called “Devout Catholic,” is doing his best for the country and Holy Mother Church by completely rending the fifth commandment in his post inauguration flurry of executive orders. Conservatives and pro-lifers on social media decried Biden’s decision to revoke the Mexico City Policy, which will free up U.S. dollars to fund abortion in other countries.

Of course, Biden’s pro-abortion policies were to be expected as soon as he stepped in to the oval office. The Biden/Harris presidential ticket has been dubbed by various pro-life groups as the “most pro-abortion ticket in American history.” But it is remarkable that while Biden is gearing up to sign the pro-abortion executive order on January 28, the media and his handlers are giving him prestige as the “second Catholic president” in U.S. history and a “devout Catholic.”

Dems would like us to forget the key ingredient here: that abortion is a grave sin in the Catholic Church. 

Conservative and pro-life leaders like House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) and former WH Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany slammed Biden and the media for the clear contradiction. How can Joe and the media consider him to be a “devout” man, when he’s prioritizing the destruction of babies in other countries?

Rep. Steve Scalise, a man who has literally taken a bullet for his conservative views, pointed out just how quickly ol’ church goin’ Joe reversed Trump’s decision to terminate the policy. The congressman tweeted, “It took the Biden Administration less than 48 hours to announce they will repeal the expanded Mexico City Policy—which will allow them to funnel taxpayer dollars to groups that perform abortions in other countries.” Yep, President Biden doesn’t appear to waste any time with his radical decisions.

Scalise added that Biden’s decision was “disgusting,” but mentioned that it was “not at all surprising.”



Former Trump Press Secretary McEnany slammed her successor Jen Psaki’s deflection that Biden was a “devout Catholic” when asked whether he’d go after Little Sisters of the Poor or reinstate the Mexico City Policy. McEnany tweeted, “At yesterday's White House Press Briefing, when asked about Biden's abortion policy, we were reminded: ‘he is a devout Catholic & somebody who attends church regularly.’” Interesting. Because if you were touting Biden’s faith, then one would be led to believe he’d protect unborn children.

McEnany pointed out this puzzling double standard, adding, “Today, we learn Biden is reportedly preparing to roll back Trump's pro-life police.” So Joe’s a bad Catholic? Or do Dems really think they can make us associate radical pro-abort with “devout Catholic?” Eh, perhaps Psaki merely doesn’t know what she’s talking about.



Congressman Ken Buck (R-CO) claimed that Biden’s executive order would go against the president's inaugural message of “unity,” as the Mexico City Policy is deeply unpopular with most American. The lawmaker tweeted, “President Biden is reinstating a widely unpopular policy to fund and promote abortions across the globe. So much for unity?” 



Buck has a point. How could an executive order promoting the killing of children throughout the world ever get conservatives to want to come to the table? So far it’s day three of the Biden presidency and there’s not an ounce of unity in sight.