HuffPost Gushes Over Fake Catholic Biden: He’s a ‘Pope Francis Catholic’

November 12th, 2020 5:55 PM

One of the left’s grossest tricks is to convince weak-minded Catholics that Biden is a good Catholic man. One outlet’s latest attempt at getting readers duped into believing in Biden’s piety is saying that he’s a “Pope Francis Catholic,” whatever that means. 

On Thursday, The Huffington Post tried to sell apparent President-elect Joe Biden’s saintliness by praising his Catholic faith and talking about its similarities to that of Pope Francis. Though anyone who has had any serious Catholic upbringing knows this is complete BS, mainly for the fact that Joe Biden needs to actually give a damn about Catholic teaching in order to be in line with anything the pope believes. 

The piece ceremoniously touted Biden as the “second Roman Catholic politician” in the nation’s highest office. That’s such an achievement, right? Not if Biden is Catholic in name only. Still, we were waterboarded with the fact that Biden carries a rosary and how his faith keeps him going. The piece gushed, “Biden, an Irish Catholic who carries a rosary in his pocket, spoke often on the campaign trail about how his faith has led him through periods of suffering in his life.”

Considering Biden is a radical pro-abort, pro-LGBTQ politician who has helped target religious groups like the Catholic “Little Sisters of the Poor” during the Obama administration, for example, he’s completely at odds with Catholic teaching and Pope Francis, but of course, in the media’s eyes, both men bring a nice and more “humble” approach to the faith.

So, if anything, Huffington Post was just reinforcing the fact that Biden is a hypocrite.

For these morons, Biden’s nice-guy attitude said more than the actual content of his beliefs. And that’s just fine. The media also love to make it look like prominent Catholics approve of un-Catholic practices. They love that a “Catholic” president is cool with officiating a gay wedding, for example, and they love it when the pope gives an unwieldy, taken-out-of-context quote about homosexual "civil unions" as if that's a sign of a future evolution of church teaching.

Spoiler alert, Huffington Post: No matter what Joe Biden does, and no matter what the pope gives as his personal opinion, Catholic teaching maintains that it stays the same forever. 

Still, the author touted the similarities between Biden and Francis, citing the opinion of Sister Simone Campbell, a Catholic “social justice” advocate who claimed that Biden is a “Pope Francis Catholic.” (Though any Catholic social justice advocate’s assessment should be avoided like the plague.) Campbell argued that Biden is like Francis because the pope has opined that Catholics can get too “obsessed” with issues like abortion and gay marriage. 

But Joe is full-on pro-abort. And Francis still teaches that abortion is a grave sin. That’s not similar at all. But for the article’s purposes, Biden’s flagrant violation of Church teaching means he’s nice and non-judgmental, just like nice-guy, media darling Pope Francis. It’s pathetic. 

Campbell added that Joe “integrates [his faith] into his lifelong quest to improve things for people in our nation, and his compassion and caring is for those who are too often left out.” Oh, how lovely. Too bad that’s false. He leaves out the most forgotten, innocent person of all, the unborn child. Joe Biden is a fake Catholic.