‘All Aboard the Manslaughter Express!’ Celebs Rage Against Trump’s Limo Ride

October 5th, 2020 2:36 PM

It’s week 190 or so of Trump’s presidency, and the meltdowns from the left have continued to grow in intensity and sheer stupidity. In the latest outrage, a Covid-infected Trump driving past supporters near Walter Reed Medical Center makes the president as or more dangerous than fictional Dr. Strangelove – the man who invented the nuclear “Doomsday device.”

Trump (with Covid): Now I am become death, destroyer of worlds.

Of course, the news that President Trump tested positive for the Wu-flu didn’t exactly elicit an outpouring of sympathy from Hollywood. Plenty of lefty actors and celebs treated the moment as a comeuppance for the president who they insist was careless when it came to handling COVID. Some even wished death on Trump.

As of yet, the president hasn’t succumbed to the disease. As a matter of fact, he piled into a Secret Service vehicle for a brief lap around Walter Reed to thank and reassure supporters and well wishers. Predictably, the unhinged Hollywood left reacted like Beelzebub hit with Holy Water, taking to Twitter screaming about how an infected Trump endangered his limo driver and Secret Service for the sake of a joyride.

Celebrities such as Bette Midler, John Cusack, and Josh Gad condemned Trump’s joyride, referring to it as the “manslaughter express.”  Man, these people are too creative for their own good.

John Cusack, the High Fidelity actor who recently threatened to block any non-socialist on Twitter, hyperventilated over Trump’s limo ride. He retweeted New York Magazine journo Olivia Nuzzi’s smarmy report that there was “no word yet on plans for another surprise plague parade.” 

Cusack commented on the “plague parade,” calling it “The Manslaughter Express.” He added, “All aboard… ” How cute.

In an earlier tweet, Cusack referenced the crazy former Nazi doctor from that cold war era Kubrick film. He wrote, “Who would you feel safer with right now.?  Doctor strangelove Or Donald trump whacked out on steroids and experimental cocktails.” Well it’s obvious. We want the Nazi doctor who designed the “doomsday device” over the president man who recently signed historic middle east peace deals. No duh. 

Cusack’s an idiot. Moving on.

Hocus Pocus star Bette Midler called Trump’s limo ride “sickening.” The actress retweeted Revenge of the Nerds actor Curtis Armstrong’s complaint about his father dying from COVID while Trump gets to parade around to “soothe his desperate need for attention.” 

Midler commented on Armstrong’s post, tweeting, “It defies belief.  Is there anyone on the planet as selfish, as needy, as self involved? He is grotesque in his need for applause. It's sickening. And it's sickening the Secret Service. Somebody! Stop him!!” 

Beauty and The Beast actor Josh Gad retweeted one Walter Reed doctor’s critical assessment of Trump’s ride outside Walter Reed. Gad wrote, “For a Walter Reed attending physician to be saying this should illustrate for everyone how beyond disgusting, unsafe and dangerous Trump’s little stunt was today.”

And to think, if this was Joe Biden recovering from a dangerous virus, everyone would be cheering him on as “Iron Joe” or something to that effect.