‘Fire’ That ‘Trust-Funded Racist Pr*ck’: Celebs Want Tucker Gone After Kenosha Riot Coverage

August 27th, 2020 10:59 PM

Another controversial take from Fox News Channel host Tucker, another freak out from lefty celebrity activists.

As another set of Black Lives Matter/ANTIFA riots broke out in Kenosha, Wisconsin, within the last week, resulting in the death of two rioters, Tucker Carlson wondered on his program why anyone was surprised that events would turn out like this. 

On August 26, Carlson asked, "Are we really surprised this looting and arson accelerated to murder? How shocked are we that 17-year-olds with rifles decided they had to maintain order when no one else would? Everyone can see what was happening in Kenosha.” Carlson’s program aired footage from the encounter which showed the gunman shooting three separate people that had gone viral on Twitter. The gunman in question was charged with two counts of homicide among other offenses.

Though it has yet to be determined whether the alleged gunman, Kyle Rittenhouse, had acted in self-defense as the viral clips seemed to indicate that he was being assailed by rioters, celebrities on Twitter immediately raged against the FNC host. They claimed that he was “advocating murder” and once again called for the cable news network to cancel Carlson’s show.

Billy On The Street and Lion King (remake) actor Billy Eichner laid into Carlson on Twitter. Sharing lefty podcast host Jon Favreau’s tweet that Carlson’s quote “is revolting, even for this asshole,” Eichner commented, “Fire @TuckerCarlson.”

The comedian also indicated to his social media followers that he had been searching for information on Carlson’s representatives, for boycott purposes presumably. He tweeted, “There is no contact info for Tucker Carlson’s reps on IMDB. Not one. I’ve never seen that before. Whoever reps him and takes that commission doesn’t want anyone to know.”

Horror Film director Scott Derrickson tweeted a clip of Carlson’s Kenosha segment and wrote, “Tucker Carlson advocating murder.” That’s not extreme by any stretch.

It author Stephen King commented on a video of Carlson’s segment, tweeting, “Tucker Carlson, a fan of both My Pillow aNd vigilante justice!”

Actor/comedian John Fugelsang wrote a hateful poem toward Carlson via his Twitter account. Part of it read, “Tucker Carlson's decades-long quest to make mediocre white males believe he's cool is a mirror of a party's decline from Eisenhower to a mean crypto-fascist doughiness.”

Fugelsang also called Carlson a “reality show flunky” and a “white nationalist defender of lechery,” in his brain dead tweet.

Singer/songwriter Richard Marx tweeted, “PS: fuck you @TuckerCarlson you smug, entitled, trust-funded racist prick.”

Actress and comedian Natasha Rothwell tweeted, "@TuckerCarlson you're a festering carbuncle on the anus of Fox News. You're an exploitative, opportunistic racist who has confused being provocative with being good at your job. You'll be remembered as a weak puppet with large pores and a penchant for race-baiting, if at all." Whew!

And celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern decided to chime in with his condemnation of Carlson, tweeting, “Tucker Carlson supports vigilante teens murdering BLM protestors in cold blood. He believes this is ‘maintaining order’.

Zimmern added, “This is what we are up against. And the lies and misinformation flows fast/furious at the RNC tonite too. #votelikeyourlifedependsonit.” Perhaps the host of Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern ate something a little too spicy.