Reliving the ‘60s: MRC’s Gainor Blasts Media Love for CHOP Zone

June 25th, 2020 2:23 PM

Media Research Center Vice President Dan Gainor condemned liberal media coverage of the so-called autonomous zones. 

Appearing on FNC’s Fox & Friends First, Gainor slammed primetime cable network coverage of the several blocks of Washington’s capitol Seattle which had been taken over by a hostile group of Antifa/Black Lives Matter protesters in the wake of the killing of George Floyd. 

They’re pretending that it’s peaceful,” Gainor said on June 25. “One reporter even called it ‘chill.’” This is ridiculous considering the zone has been a hotbed of violence and unrest since its conception in early June. 

Fox & Friends First Host Todd Piro referenced three separate shootings that have occurred in CHOP. 

Gainor explained that these networks “ignore the violence in a situation where it is supposed to be black lives mattering, they ignore that a young African-American was killed in the violence.” He added, “The chief of police says that there’s rapes and robberies, and, meanwhile, the media are saying, ‘Oh it is cool.’”

“That’s standard media playbook: Pretend the truth is not really happening,” the VP claimed.

FNC host Jilian Mele asked Gainor why he thought there is this media/reality “disconnect” over the truth of what’s going on. “I don’t think there’s a disconnect,” he asserted. “This is flat out propaganda. The networks want to relive the ‘60s and so anytime there’s leftist protests they want to really be out there on the firing line, waving the flags, and protesting and rioting with the left.”

Gainor explained that it’s also about the media not giving President Donald Trump a win. “And so when it goes wrong,” he continued, “they’re just completely unwilling to show it because they know it will make President Trump look good.”

Gainor then referenced MSNBC Host Andrea Mitchell’s own run in with a potentially dangerous protester near an attempted D.C. area CHOP zone. He described it as an illustration for just how much the media is covering up the violent undercurrents of Black Lives Matter protests 

“Andrea Mitchell was stunned when someone came to attack her, you know,” Gainor recalled,“This is what’s going on in these things but they still won’t characterize it that way,” he added.