Michael Moore Slams Trump’s ‘Liberate’ Tweets, Says Real ‘Liberation Day’ in November 2020

April 22nd, 2020 5:44 PM

Documentary maker Michael Moore didn’t take too kindly to the President’s “Liberate Michigan!” tweet last week, telling CBS's Late Night host Stephen Colbert that the real “Liberation Day” will happen on election day 2020.

The Fahrenheit 11/9 director and Michigan native mocked Trump’s recent “Liberate Michigan!” tweet during the April 21 episode of Colbert's show. Moore told Colbert that he and fellow lefties have been working on liberating Michigan themselves, well, liberating it from Trump voters, that is.

“We've been planning our liberation for the last four years,” Moore said, reminding viewers that his home state, which had voted Democrat in presidential elections for decades, flipped in 2016. “Sadly, Michigan voted for Trump, so it was a huge embarrassment.”

Despite this “embarrassment,” Moore quipped that he and his buddies are gearing for the real “Liberation Day,” which will fall on Nov. 3, 2020. Oh, we see what he did there. That’s the day President Trump is presumably voted out of office. “The party starts around 8 p.m. that night,” he said, adding, “We’ll have a parade.”

Despite the anti-Trump sentiment, Moore tried to have a nice aside for those on the frontlines of the pandemic crisis, though it wasn’t without a bit of his obnoxious socialist agenda. He claimed, “Whatever we pay them, we don’t pay them enough. Whatever time off they need, they get it. I’m talking about the people that have stocked the shelves of the grocery stores, people who have picked up your garbage, the bus driver who’s taking the health care workers to the hospital.”

Of course, he added his hope there would be a higher minimum wage once we get back to work. “We're going to be different people… we're never going to think that anybody should have to work for $7.25 an hour." What an opportunist.

Moving back to Trump, Moore explained to Colbert that there is not one, but three viruses infecting the United States. “The obvious one, the coronavirus that we’re all trying to survive,” he claimed, and then mentioned the “second virus” which “is the Trump virus that needs to be eradicated non-violently and legally at the polls.”

He added the “third virus,” which he called the “pre-Trump virus” and explained that it’s “the one we had for many years, long before Trump.” He added, “We had a number of things that we hadn't quite fixed yet in this country and they were causing us, still, a lot of pain and despair.” Oh, let us guess, like greed, racism, and misogyny?



And since Moore was there to promote his latest documentary on climate change, Planet of the Humans, he made some claim that the “same people who deny that the coronavirus is actually a crisis for so long… are the same people who are denying that the climate crisis exists.” Um… OK? If this is supposed to be another smear against conservatives, Moore should recall there were plenty of climate change-believing Dems who downplayed the pandemic early on.