CBS’s ‘Madam Secretary’: What to Do With Refugees? ‘Read the Statue of Liberty’

March 7th, 2016 6:32 AM

The Syrian refugee crisis formed the topic du jour of Sunday night’s edition of CBS’s Madam Secretary. Though they went with Libyan refugees in the episode titled ‘Hijriyyah’, the plot line remains the same.

Interesting to note that at no time did the episode mention the fact that Hillary Clinton, the inspiration for this show, designed our overthrow of Gaddafi. Without which there would likely be no surge of refugees fleeing from Libya. But I’m sure they’ll get to that next week.

The refugees are rescued in the Mediterranean by the Italian Navy. This would normally not stir any action on the part of the U.S. government, except this boat-load of refugees contains a passenger who claims to have recently seen a terrorist that the U.S., led by Madam Secretary, wants very badly. The only catch? In exchange for giving the U.S. the guy they want, the Italians want the Americans to take in all of the 240+ refugees.

This scenario requires Madam Hillary to use all of her diplomatic problem-solving skills, while simultaneously shame-educating all concerned about the awesome refugee-vetting skills of the U.S. government:

Madam Secretary: Nadine, we need to loop in a tight circle on the Hill.

Nadine: Gang of Eight.

Madam Secretary: No one else. And Jay and Blake can help you with that, okay?

Jay: Wait, what do we tell them, that State is secretly doing intake interviews with Libyan refugees in the Mediterranean?

Madam Secretary: In order to keep information out of the hands of terrorists, yes.

Blake: And if the senators raise certain concerns?

Madam Secretary: About finding Jibral Disah?

Nadine: I believe what Blake is referring to is transferring Libyans to a border camp so soon after the attack.

Madam Secretary: Okay, so remind them that the asylum vetting process is so thorough that it takes a minimum of two years. Hell, remind them what the plaque on the Statue of Liberty says. But only if they get shirty with you, okay?

Blake: Yes, ma'am.

Madam Secretary: All right. I want this sewn up by end of day.

This sounds like a really good plan. If, we had the capability of actually doing any of those things. Which we aren’t. One year, two years, or three years, makes no difference. As FBI Director James Comey has publically admitted, the U.S. is incapable of vetting all refugees for terrorist ties.

Even some of the terrorists who are to some degree vetted skate by, as we saw with the female San Bernardino shooter. And, she came from a country that kept far better records and background info than anything war-torn Syria or Libya could muster.

But that, of course, does not deter Madam Hillary, who then proceeds from that meeting to another meeting. This time with a young Senator of Cuban descent who adamantly opposes admitting any refugees. Remind you of anyone?

Madam Secretary: Welcome.

Senator: The inner sanctum.

Madam Secretary: Please, have a seat.

Senator: Oh, you know, I've tried to get meetings before, but you're always booked. But it looks like I have your attention now. Unfortunately, it has to be short. I have a press conference.

Madam Secretary: Call it off, Senator. It's a matter of national security.

Senator: And the matter is?

Madam Secretary: Classified. But American lives are at stake.

Senator: Oh, yes, because of this reckless and secretive plan that you've cooked up to bring a boatload of potential terrorists to our shores.

Madam Secretary: Senator, you know as well as I that only a fraction of the one percent of the nearly one million refugees admitted to the U.S. Since 9/11 have ever been arrested on terrorism charges.

Senator: It only takes one. Look at the dirty bomb.

Madam Secretary: Which was perpetrated by a native-born American citizen.

Senator: Good folks in my state know the difference between native-born and real, and I'm wondering if you do.

Madam Secretary: Morejon-- that's a Cuban name, right? When did your parents arrive in the U.S.?

Senator: I'm guessing that you know the answer to that.

Madam Secretary: Of course I do; I'm the Secretary of State. They were Marielitos, part of the boatlift of 1980.

Senator: They were fleeing a repressive regime.

Madam Secretary: Which is why the good folks in these parts gave them Visas...

Senator: That you and your president have cravenly cozied up to.

Madam Secretary: ...Instead of smearing them as potential Communist sleeper agents sent to destroy our way of life. But, hell, your boat made it here-- what do you care, right?

Of course, we admitted many Cuban refugees in the late 50’s and early 60’s because of their anti-communist views and open resistance to Castro. In addition to them providing the U.S. with intelligence during Castro’s rise.

Not to mention the rather significant fact that Cubans aren’t a religious and political movement bent on the slaughter or forcible conversion of anyone and everyone who rejects their worldview.

Yes, some people in the late 50’s and early 60’s expressed concerned about Communist infiltration through mass Cuban refugee acceptance. But compared to those people, who were largely proven wrong, based on what we have already seen in San Bernardino, Paris, and the rape crisis throughout Europe, those who speak out in concern over the sinister intentions of Islamic terrorists and our government’s inability to detect them, have already been proven right.