Race-Baiting Comedy ‘grown-ish’ Returns to Promote More Anti-White Racism: ‘I Only Buy Black’

April 4th, 2024 10:51 AM

The last of Anthony Anderson’s -ish franchises, grown-ish, has returned to finish out its sixth and final season, and they’re making sure to go out with an anti-white, racist bang. It's not surprising considering their long, ugly history of hatred towards white people, which can be found in every -ish show ever made.

Wednesday’s episode, “Lost Ones,” featured two main storylines, both of which were sure to include anti-white dialogue. The first centered on main character Andre’s (Marcus Scribner) desire to prove to his father that he can be successful as a talent manager. When a Banksy-like artist starts tagging buildings on his college campus, Andre is determined to figure out his identity so he can represent him.

But while conversing with his friends, they determine the artist must be a white person because they damaged public property:

Andre: No. No. The Squid is a street artist who recently inked the Business School building.

Cole: The anonymous Cal U artist. They're going by "The Squid"?

Andre: Yeah. The Squid is their tag. Their identity is unknown.

Friend: Wait, but how do you make money off of graffiti?

Andre: Well, a ton of prominent artists got their start in graffiti. I think The Squid has the potential to become the next Banksy. I could manage the next Banksy. I could be a cultivator of taste worldwide. I could be like the DJ Khaled of the art world. Another one.

Cole: Alas, what happens when an unstoppable manager meets an unknowable force?

Friend 2: That's deep.

Andre: Cole, are you The Squid?

Cole: Well, that doesn't make sense, considering the fact that you just told me they exist.

Friend: Yeah, I mean, The Squid is clearly white-- you know, damaging public property and all.

All: Mm-hmm.

Friend 2: And they got to be a woman.

Friend: What?

Friend 2: I can't elaborate for fear of sounding sexist.

Andre: This is the teamwork we need, though, if we're gonna find The Squid, so let's keep it up, boys. Let's put our heads together.

Cole: Hey, guys, I'm all-in. You know I love a good mystery, all right? I don't know if you guys know this, but I actually read every Agatha Christie book, even the original racist versions. She would hate me, but I love her.

Friend 2: Then it's settled. Let's go find this white lady!

All: Let's do it!

Friend 2: Any ideas? Where are we looking first?

Friend: Starbucks.

All (overlapping): Let's just go with it. Starbucks. That's a good place to go.

Did you catch the joke? Andre’s friend didn’t want to explain why he thought the artist might be a woman, because he didn’t want to appear sexist. But the other friend had no problem sounding racist by claiming it must be a white person because of the destruction of property.

What’s confusing, however, is that white people aren’t known for destroying property. Need anyone mention all the property destroyed during the 2020 Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots and the smash and grab robberies happening in stores across the country? The culprits have mostly been black, though I suppose they could be referring to left-leaning, liberal white Antifa activists who also participated in the BLM riots.

Still, it would be racist to believe the artist must be black or white based on this stereotype, so it should never have been said at all.

The other storyline featured Aaron (Trevor Jackson) and Doug (Diggy Simmons), who are on the hunt to find Doug’s stripper friend who's majoring in psychology so they can ask her for advice about their love lives. Despite being single and wanting to find a girlfriend, Doug can’t be bothered with anyone who isn’t black, which Aaron is in full support of because he “only buy(s) black.”

Aaron: All right, well, all this searching has got me hungry, dog. So, I'm gonna come over here.

Doug: Do your thing.

Aaron: All right, Doug-y boy, you go get yourself a lap dance, while me and this shrimp scampi and scrambled eggs-- we're gonna stay on the lookout for Rebecca.

Doug: I love a dance, man, especially when I have no one to go home to.

Aaron: Well, there's plenty of shrimp in the sea. It should be easy.

Doug: Bro, like, look at this Asian one right here, right?

Aaron: Love her. I love her.

Doug: Gorgeous.

Aaron: Nice.

Doug: But she's not black. I like to keep it in the black community.  

Aaron: Who you telling? I only buy black.

Way to promote segregation and increase the racial divide, grown-ish.

There was one last, subtle anti-white stereotype the writers used for laughs when Andre sees his client Deanna’s latest TikTok on his phone:

Deanna: Hello, my celiac kings and queens. You've been asking, so here it is-- part 12 of my kale-salad series.

Andre: Oh, my God. Enough with the kale.

Enough with the racism! Can you imagine if they were using anti-black food stereotypes for jokes instead? That would obviously be incredibly wrong and definitely not worthy of laughs.

So, why do the writers think it’s okay to do it to white people? Their double standards are tiresome. But, as we all know, if Hollywood didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all.