Liberals Celebrate Parallels Between 'House of Cards' and Trump Presidency

June 5th, 2017 12:20 PM

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from season 5 of House of Cards.

Ever since Donald Trump entered the political sphere, liberals have loved comparing him to the sleazy, power-hungry Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey). Released in its entirety on Netflix on May 30, the fifth season of House of Cards contained some eerie parallels between the Underwood White House and liberal fantasies of the Trump White House.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us, “If this season of House of Cards feels prescient, that's because the minds behind the critically acclaimed series did their research.” The show runners “looked into what could happen based on what has already been simmering in America.” 

The first episode of the season immediately introduces a travel ban similar to President Trump’s immigration ban. Secretary of State Cathy Durant (Jayne Atkinson) warns President Underwood, “Virtually closing down our borders without any hard evidence to back it up…A lot of innocent people are trying to get into this country, they could be hurt by this.”

As the Underwoods find themselves in a sticky situation amidst an election they’re projected to lose, Frank uses the FBI and other means at his disposal to swing the election his way. Despite his opponent winning the popular vote, Frank ultimately wins in the House. Protesters gather outside of the White House chanting “not my president” with signs that say “Never Underwood” and “abolish the electoral college.” The Russians take custody of a man who can prove that Frank stole the election.

Some have excitedly pointed out the similarities between Frank’s questionable win and Trump’s apparent win at the hands of Russia that liberals keep claiming without any real evidence. Unfortunately for them, President Trump won the election fair and square.

Playing out more liberal fantasies, by episode 11, the House is preparing to draw up impeachment documents having to do with the countless investigations (including for murder) surrounding Frank. He ultimately resigns, leaving his wife/vice president (Robin Wright) as the first female president of the United States. It’s a dream come true for liberals. The show runners admitted that they expected Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 presidential election.

The season is also riddled with other lefty nonsense. While the Underwoods’ open marriage is old news, multiple references are made to Frank’s past gay lifestyle. In episode nine, Frank and a younger man sneak away to engage in some sort of sexual activity.

Finally, reminiscent of when Frank spat on a crucifix in season three, the last episode shows Frank burn a hole in the Oval Office’s American flag with his cigarette, illustrating Frank’s, and most liberals, contempt for America.

While liberals continue to ask if a show like House of Cards can still entertain in this evil, dark Trump era, we wonder if these liberal TV shows will ever start entertaining us at all.