Teen Vogue: Biden Didn’t Win in a Landslide ‘Because the U.S. Is Racist’

November 5th, 2020 8:45 AM

We know the supposed adults on the left are freaking out, but it would appear the radical youth of America are not dealing with the aftermath of the election much better.

Everyone’s favorite youth Marxist publication, Teen Vogue, was hoping for a big Joe Biden landslide on Tuesday, but they did not get their wish. How did they explain it? The title of their top headline on Wednesday said it all: “Trump Did Not Lose in a Landslide Because the U.S. Is Racist.” Ok, then!

Lily Herman wrote cynically and hatefully about almost half of her fellow countrymen, “[I]t’s hard to go up against a gigantic machine of people who are actively and enthusiastically voting for white supremacy, misogyny, classism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, and so much more.”

Wow, what a reasonable, nuanced understanding of the many varied, complicated, personal reasons people have for voting the way they do. I’d blame this crude and ignorant “othering” on her youth and inexperience, but what excuses do her elder leftists have for holding the same intolerant beliefs?

There never was “going to be the resounding repudiation of Trumpism that many had hoped for,” Herman wrote, because “that faith was predicated on the ahistorical notion that Americans — especially white Americans — would rise to the occasion.”

Yeah, except for, you know, defeating the greatest military power in the world and establishing a new nation founded in liberty, ending slavery by winning a bloody Civil War, saving the world from the Nazis and Imperial Japan, and winning the Cold War without firing a shot, Americans have never risen to the occasion throughout history. (Dear Lord, what are they teaching kids these days?!)

The day after the largest voter turnout in American election history, she nonsensically claimed, “Voter suppression continues to only get worse across the country,” while linking to another Teen Vogue article that whined “Complicated Election Rules in the U.S. Are a Form of Voter Suppression.” (“It’s almost like voting is an opt-in system,” said one young voting activist hilariously in the article, apparently not understanding the concept of voter registration.)

Her warped rewriting of America’s history and government continued:

We have to remember that, in many ways, we are a majority being ruled by a minority — and we have to stop waiting for some quick solution to save us from being a country defined by centuries of oppression. The marginalization, after all, is baked into our nation’s DNA and was very intentionally put there.

Of course, she wouldn’t understand our country’s system of checks and balances or the concept of minority rights and the tyranny of the majority, instead assuming them to be vestiges of slavery and repression.

But it only gets really scary when she brings up violence to achieve her objectives, saying, “acknowledging and then dismantling a structurally oppressive system filled with people very loudly advocating for a white Christian ethno-state is much harder, less convenient, and more violent.”

To Herman, all this hatred and anger being stirred up is good for her purposes, as she concluded:

But once that period of devastation gives way to burning rage again, take the words of abolitionist, activist, and organizer Mariame Kaba to heart: “Let this radicalize you rather than lead you to despair.”

This is the danger inherent in tarring political enemies as irredeemable racist, sexist, homophobe oppressors, it becomes much easier to radicalize people to commit violence against them. Teen Vogue is playing with fire and, if this is any indication of the future, there could be some dark days ahead.