Marxist Teen Vogue: Even After Biden Win, U.S. 'Will Remain a Problem That Needs to Be Fixed’

November 3rd, 2020 8:34 AM

After advocating for revolt this summer with the Black Lives Matter protests, Teen Vogue wants to make sure the “revolutionary movement” to radically transform America keeps going, even (perhaps especially) if Joe Biden wins.

On the eve of the 2020 election, Teen Vogue, the Marxist publication that occasionally runs beauty and fashion stories, was already cautioning against liberal complacency, declaring ‘The Fight for Justice Doesn’t Stop After the Presidential Election.’

Race-baiting Kandist Mallett authors Teen Vogue’s Black Canary column, which is described as “an op-ed column sounding the alarm against enduring injustice in America.” On November 2, she wrote about America’s systemic problems as “the result of decades of capitalism, generations of settler colonialism, and a society that was founded in and molded by anti-Blackness and cis-hetero-patriarchy.” Whew, the ultra-far-left dogma lives loudly within that one!

Mallett doesn’t view America as the land of opportunity that it is but as a problem that needs fixing, a fallacy that has sadly become ingrained in many of our youth:

President Donald Trump’s tenure in office has forced Americans to look critically at the role of the president and their government. [Um, why hadn’t they ever done that before?!] That radicalization shouldn’t stop if Trump loses in November. No matter the results of the election, the United States will remain a problem that needs to be fixed.

Even the Democrats aren’t progressive enough, they are “just slightly less bad” than Republicans, to Mallett. But this extreme worldview goes beyond bemoaning “the confines of the two-party system” to complaining that “under our rigidly hierarchical government, the idea of ‘holding your elected official accountable’ ultimately boils down to just voting or not voting for the person.” Perhaps she would prefer the guillotine?

She expressed “a need to destroy the old so that something new can be created,” then brought up Chile voting to rewrite their constitution to replace the Pinochet-era one (while condemning the latter document’s pro-capitalist leanings, of course!)

She concluded, “In short, it was a document that did not represent the needs of the majority of the people. Neither does the U.S. Constitution — a document that was written at a time when only wealthy white men were allowed to vote.” Wow, if equating the historic U.S. Constitution to one written in 1980 under a Latin American military dictatorship doesn’t expose the intellectual devastation of our educational system promoting critical theory over critical thinking, I don’t know what does.

A Marxist who has “dreamed of anti-capitalist lives with friends,” Mallett opined, “[T]he optimist in me wants to believe that we’ve reached a point in this country where political concepts that have been labeled ‘too radical’ by moderates and right-wingers, like an end to capitalism and the carceral state, have become more acceptable to younger generations.” Well, the optimist in me wants to believe that the good thing about younger generations is eventually they grow up and grow out of their delusional socialist fantasies.

Mallett demands radical policies under a Biden administration and warned against any moderation:  

If Biden does win, there will be a push from organizations and pseudo-movement leaders to focus on trying to gain small wins from the administration. That is a trap. We had Occupy, Black Lives Matter, and Standing Rock under Obama, and besides changing the national conversation within mainstream media, what has really changed?

Instead, she urged to stay on the offensive, recalling that after the protests and riots in the wake of the death of George Floyd, "America’s elite were scared that those whom they’ve so long oppressed had finally recognized their power:

For the sake of ourselves and future generations, we must continue this revolutionary momentum. We must not scale down our ambitions for society but push forward in our fight for freedom and autonomy for every being living on this planet.

For the sake of ourselves and future generations, we must stop this revolutionary momentum that will deny freedom and autonomy to many. Hopefully that begins today.