Missouri AG Andrew Bailey: 'It's Time to End Corporate Racism in America'

June 21st, 2024 5:21 PM

Missouri AG Andrew Bailey has his sights set on punishing IBM executives who blatantly admitted to racial discrimination on video. 

The attorney general summed up the purpose of his lawsuit against IBM on the June 20 edition of Mornings with Maria, telling Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo that “It's time to end corporate racism in America.” Bailey said, “This lawsuit is an important step in harpooning that whale. The CEO of IBM has stated publicly that his executives have to enforce racial quotas or risk sanction in the form of reduced bonuses and agents of IBM have actually bragged about having terminated other company leaders for failing to live up to these racial quotas.” 

Bailey further elaborated that IBM CEO and Chairman Arvind Krishna had been extremely specific in his admission and even singled out Asian job applicants. “In fact, the CEO of IBM has explicitly stated that, for instance, Asians are not an under-represented ethnic group within the big tech industry and thus must be punished and denied opportunities, based solely on their countries of origin or ethnicity,” Bailey said.

The attorney general stressed that “This is illegal, violates the Missouri Human Rights Act. And we’re going to put a stop to it.”

Last year, leaked footage showed Krishna and Red Hat CEO Matt Hicks discussing DEI initiatives. Red Hat is an IBM subsidiary. As noted by Bailey, Krishna embraced hiring employees based on their race and made clear that pay increases would be tied to whether the company met its diversity quotas. Meanwhile, Hicks openly admitted that employees who opposed DEI initiatives are no longer with his company.

Incredibly, IBM provided a statement denying the use of racial quotas. Presumably, IBM and its subsidiary just ignore what their chief executive officers say. 

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Bailey filed the lawsuit on June 20, seeking to legally protect IBM employees in Missouri from having their pay affected for failing to reach diversity quotas or being fired for their race, while also shielding Missouri applicants for IBM positions from racial discrimination. 

In a press release, Bailey wrote, “It has come to my attention that IBM has adopted an unlawful policy that blatantly favors applicants of a certain skin color over others, and that managers within the company who refuse to comply with said policy face adverse action, including and up to, termination. Discrimination in the workplace violates both state and federal law, which is why I am filing this lawsuit.”

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