First on MRC: Warner Bros DEI Chief Officer Endorses Pushing Out Non-Woke Employees

February 22nd, 2024 10:36 AM

The chief DEI executive of the massive media company that owns CNN, Warner Bros Discovery, advocated for radical leftist ideas and a future without those who oppose them during a Zoom call, MRC Business has learned.

Warner Bros. Discovery Chief DEI Officer Dr. Asif Sadiq discussed the need to be “anti-racist” and for people to use their “privilege” during an Aspen Institute event titled “The Future of DEI in Corporate America” on Feb. 20. After host and Design Observer Editor-in-Chief Ellen McGirt suggested that certain people would always be unreceptive to DEI propaganda in the office, Sadiq gave his view on how companies can best deal with those dissenters: push them out. 

“There’s always those few people who will never change. You will never convince them. You can try up until the end of eternity and it will still not happen,” Saqid decried, before hinting at the ultimate solution: If you push DEI through cultural change, “hopefully those people who don’t want to come around will start saying that this place isn’t the way it used to be, and they’ll leave themselves—which is great.”

Beyond Sadiq’s impressive commitment to creating a welcoming environment for all his employees, he also made clear that workers need to do more than their work at the office. “I think this is a moment where people have to show up as actively being anti-racist,” Sadiq said, using a radical term popularized by racial discrimination enthusiast Henry “Ibram X. Kendi” Rogers. Sadiq continued to heap additional burdens on employees: 

“And that requires going a bit further than saying, ‘That’s not me, so I’m just going to sit back.’ That requires you using your power, privilege and the positions you hold to try to create equity for marginalized groups, for historically marginalized groups and groups who haven’t had access, but that requires really stepping up. And it’s showing up as well, showing up internally, showing up to even to the structures that DEI has put in place, whether its business resource groups, employee resource groups, events, showing up during this period of time for a leader is critical, because it shows that you care and you are willing to learn.” 

Aside from Sadiq and McGirt, the Zoom event included Goldman Sachs Chief Diversity Officer Megan Hogan, Harvard Business School Executive Fellow Deepa Purushothaman and UPenn Professor Lisa Fairfax.

Fairfax, who spoke at the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice Kentaji Brown Jackson, embraced several radical positions on DEI with no pushback from any of her co-hosts. Fairfax condemned any attempts to separate DEI initiatives from an obsession on race, calling such efforts “hurtful and concerning.” 

Although UPenn President Liz Magill recently resigned after failing to condemn rampant leftist campus antisemitism, Fairfax complained that she “doesn’t understand” people who see DEI and fighting antisemitism as opposed to one another. 

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