‘Not for Sale’: Ex-Prosecutors Hail Voters’ Latest Rebuke of Soros Money

December 7th, 2023 12:56 PM

Former federal and state prosecutors took a stand against leftist billionaire George Soros in response to a wave of setbacks for Soros-backed prosecutors across the nation. 

Former U.S. Attorney John C. Milhiser, former U.S. Attorney Bill J. Williams, former Essex District Attorney Jonathan W. Blodgett and former Chesapeake Commonwealth’s Attorney Nancy G. Parr penned an op-ed for Fox News on Thursday celebrating voters’ choice to reject Soros-funded prosecutor candidates in Virginia and Pennsylvania: Prosecutors are not “for sale,” they declared to Soros.

Soros has spent $35 million to elect dozens of soft-on-crime prosecutors across the United States. Despite spending almost $2 million in the primary and general election in a Pennsylvania-based Alleghany County race, Soros was unable to unseat incumbent District Attorney Stephen Zappala. At the same time, Soros-funded candidate Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney Buta Biberaj, infamous for persecuting the father of a rape victim, was defeated by a candidate she outraised at least 14-1. 

In the wake of these massive triumphs for law and order over cash, the op-ed authors had this to say: “The voters in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania and Loudoun County, Virginia sent an important message to a billionaire and others trying to influence races for district attorneys: the office is not for sale.”

The former officials went on to explain the effect of electing Soros prosecutors. “The Soros record is one of increased crime and reduced public safety in communities where his candidates are elected and in some instances even incompetence and corruption,” they said. “These so-called progressives emerge in cities where Democrats have a monopoly on power and, with Soros money, they make it through the primary.” 

The authors said that these prosecutors were often inexperienced and sought “to use the office to push a radical social agenda” before listing soft-on-crime prosecutors. Among those named were Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx, former Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby and former St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner.

The op-ed also detailed how the approach to crime embraced by Soros and his lackeys not only makes life more dangerous but also harms local businesses. “Businesses flee high-crime areas, leaving the local communities without ready access to important services like food, when grocery stores move out, and medicine when pharmacies close," the former prosecutors wrote. The authors followed with a brutal assessment of the Soros prosecutors’ tenure. “This negatively impacts the daily lives of Americans, particularly when prosecutors substitute a social justice agenda advocated by a billionaire and others, for their duty to enforce the law.”

In conclusion, the article's authors begged voters not to “let big money and special interests influence these important elections” and stated, “The DA's office is not for sale.” 

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