Spanish Party Leader Slams George Soros in Candid Tucker Interview

November 22nd, 2023 3:02 PM

Spanish Vox Party President Santiago Abascal heavily criticized leftist billionaire George Soros’ activities in Europe during an interview with independent journalist Tucker Carlson.

Abascal told Tucker during a Nov. 17 interview that Soros had not only met with current Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sánchez but had also funded groups contributing to the flood of illegal immigrants into European countries. After Tucker asked why Soros had become so involved in Spanish politics, Abascal responded that, “George Soros is Hungarian. Not only is he unloved in Hungary, he’s not well regarded in other countries around the world, because he tries to exert his influence. George Soros was the first person to meet with the president of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, when he was elected.”

When Tucker responded with disbelief, Abascal added, “Exactly, that’s the news that was published in Spain and the government has never denied it. When I questioned President Sánchez about that meeting, he never answered before Parliament. He has never answered clearly.” 

Sánchez also met with George Soros’ son, Alex Soros, at the United Nations in 2019. Alex Soros has spoken with at least 43 world leaders, including many European heads of state or government like Sánchez. 

Abascal went on to break down the relationship between radicals in the current Spanish government and massive leftist donors such as Soros, saying that the radicals in government, “admire people like that.”

Specifically, he added, “There is this curious alliance between the extreme left and global multi-millionaires. It is a strange alliance for this left-wing that has been anti-globalization, but which now joins forces with the multi-millionaires who want to rule the world and want to tell us how to live our lives while they live like kings.”

When Carlson brought up Soros’ support for “mass immigration from the third world” and asked whether the Spanish public supported it, Abascal used this moment to point to a chasm between politicians and the media on one side and the public on the other. “The discourse in the media and political arena which is different from what people talk about on the streets and in bars. They are totally at odds with each other. It is truly surprising,” he added. 

The Vox leader called out George Soros’s support for an infamous non-profit called Open Arms.

“Why is Soros funding organizations like Open Arms, a non-profit that also receives public funding and is the main culprit of the collaboration with human smuggling mafias in the Mediterranean.” 

Abascal said that the “leftist and globalist media machine” seeks to socially harm critics of unfettered migration and to blame them for migrants who die in the Mediterranean. Abascal pointed out, “But they are the ones inviting them in, the progressive politicians are responsible for the deaths on the Mediterranean.”

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