Cosmopolitan Magazine Panics Over Mexican Pine Trees: ‘Stop Eating Avocados, Right Now’

August 18th, 2016 11:01 AM

Overreaction and panic are typical of the environmentalist left. Cosmopolitan magazine proved it again as they ordered people to stop consuming avocados ... for the trees’ sake. 

“You need to stop eating avocados, right now,” Cosmopolitan demanded Aug. 17.

News Editor Rheanna O’Neil Bellomo wrote that rising demand for avocados prompted Mexican farmers to “expand and destroy much of the country's pine forests.”

“The consequences are extremely serious,” Bellomo warned. She cited an Associated Press report that Mexican farmers facing economic pressure cut down pine trees to grow more avocado trees, blaming “the enormous U.S. appetite for avocados.”

AP said avocados bring “much higher profits” than other crops and reported that authorities were cracking down on illegal deforestation. In one instance, authorities arrested farmers who tried to make an orchard out of deforested land.

Even with a low yield from the plot of land, the AP wrote, “those farmers could make as much as $500,000 annually from the plot, a fortune for area farmers.”

Obviously, Bellomo’s demand to stop consuming avocados could prevent needed economic activity in a country struggling economically. The Financial Times reported July 29, that Mexico experienced its first economic contraction in three years. Its GDP actually shrank 0.3 percent in the second quarter of 2016.

In October of 2015, Cosmo posted an even wilder environmentalist claim. Senior writer Prachi Gupta quoted feminist Gloria Steinem arguing that the pope caused global warming.

“The human load on this earth is the biggest cause of global warming, and that is because of forcing women to have children they would not on their own choose to have,” Steinem said. Gupta included that in her list of “incredible things” that Steinem said during an interview.

This isn’t the first environmentalist attempt to halt the use of a consumer good, either. Among other things, environmentalists have targeted fireworks, plastic bags and leaf blowers.