‘Put on Your Seat Belts’! MRC President Bozell Raises Alarm on Woke AI

April 27th, 2023 12:45 PM

Brent Bozell on Woke AI, Biden Cheat Sheet Media Research Center Founder and President Brent Bozell appeared on Fox Business’s Varney & Co Thursday to discuss the Biden administration’s woke attempt to weaponize artificial intelligence (AI).

Fox News host Stuart Varney asked Bozell for his assessment of recent Biden administration pledges to inject woke ideology into AI. “What does that mean, AI regulations centered on civil rights and income inequality?” Varney asked Bozell. “It means put on your seat belts, and be very, very afraid about what is about to happen,” warned Bozell. “If you think that the world of information now is being governed by the news media, academia and Silicon Valley with an agenda pushing everything to the left, watch what’s about to happen.”

On April 25, several Biden-led agencies, including the Federal Trade Commission, the Department of Justice, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, pledged to uphold AI to “core principles of fairness, equality, and justice” in a controversial statement.

But AI has already shown blatant signs of leftist bias, said Bozell, pointing out Silicon Valley’s role in creating artificial intelligence and a study by the Social Sciences journal that unveiled leftist bias in ChatGPT, one of the most well-known AI platforms.

“There was a study that was done by a scientific journal where they took 15 issues and they tested AI, ChatGPT, and gave them multiple-choice responses,” said Bozell, referring to a March study on ChatGPT. “The responses? We need to raise taxes on the rich, free college education, free healthcare for illegals, abolish the electoral college, cut funding for the police, the right to vote for convicted criminals, pro-abortion and government funding of Planned Parenthood. That’s ChatGPT. And that is what this administration is saying.”

Bozell went on to warn that a potential collusion between AI and government would echo a similar leftist tactic implemented by the leftist media and the 2020 campaign of President Joe Biden. “By the way, they said their top priority is to, that this is a civil rights priority for this administration,” said Bozell. “So get ready. They know what they’re doing, folks. They know what they’re doing. They knew what they were doing in 2020 in the elections when they were working with Silicon Valley. They know what they’re doing now.”

Varney then pivoted to Biden who recently came under fire over a cheat sheet that gave him advanced knowledge of at least one question from an LA Times reporter.

“[The media] have been the tip of the spear for the Democratic Party,” said Bozell, slamming the cheatsheet. “What is going on right now is that they were working together in Silicon Valley, they were working together during the campaign when they weren't covering Hunter Biden. So it really is no surprise the questions are being fed to the administration beforehand.”

The MRC president ripped the leftist media’s hypocrisy over what their reaction would be if a Fox News reporter did the same favor for a Republican president.

“What do you think would happen in the media if it turned out that during the Trump administration that Fox News's Peter Doocy was giving his questions to Donald Trump beforehand?” Bozell decried. “What do you think the press would have to say about it? What gets me is not so much this action but the complete, utter lack of reaction from those people in this field who believe that they’re real journalists.”

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