Mark Levin Praises ‘Fantastic’ MRC Study Exposing George Soros’ Gargantuan Media Influence

November 13th, 2023 8:46 AM

Syndicated radio host Mark Levin highlighted an extensive 2023 Media Research Center study on George Soros to reiterate his call for Congress to investigate the leftist billionaire’s empire.

Levin praised the study during the November 10 edition of The Mark Levin Show, calling it “fantastic” and “very informative.” A three-part MRC Business series on Soros exposed the major influence that George Soros wields within the international media. The January 2023, study, “George Soros: Propaganda Powerhouse,” found that the billionaire had funneled a whopping $131 million into 253 media outlets spread across the globe between 2016 and 2020 alone.

The journalism groups that Soros supports have the ability to mold public opinion on practically every continent and in many languages. They also insulate him from inquiry because reporters see him as an ally, not a target for investigation. The study also found 54 highly influential leftist media figures connected to Soros through different organizations he funds that they’re affiliated with, such as NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt, CNN Chief International Anchor Christiane Amanpour and The Washington Post executive editor Sally Buzbee.

“I have been urging the House Republicans to begin to look into George Soros and what he’s done to this country; what he’s doing to this country; these front groups that he has,” Levin said, doubling down on his Oct. 30 call to action for Congress. “[Soros] used over $30 billion in his Open Society Foundations. We don’t have billionaires on the conservative side who conduct themselves this way. I wish we did, but we don’t. They won’t even cough up one billion dollars, let alone $30 billion.”

“I don’t know how many more times I can urge this,” Levin exclaimed in reference to Soros’ anti-American global network needing to be investigated. “Why is he the only billionaire they won’t look at,” Levin asked of Congress, pointing out how leftist bureaucrats have already “set the precedent with [former President] Trump.”

Levin instructed House Republicans to “stop being weaklings” and examine Soros’ businesses, his tax records and the organizations tied to his network. In other words, said Levin, "Do all these things that need to be done” to hold Soros accountable.

The 253 Soros-funded media outlets MRC Business uncovered featured prominent leftist outfits like Project Syndicate, which had its commentaries published 20,393 times in 156 countries in 2021 and worked with at least 508 media outlets around the world. Other Soros-funded groups included the Poynter Institute’s dystopian International Fact-Checking Network, which works with Big Tech platforms like Facebook and Instagram to censor conservative speech. The taxpayer-funded National Public Radio is also a recipient of Soros cash. Soros’ direct funding to NPR means he bought influence with its entire legion of at least 1,800 journalists and 400 reporters and editors in over 200 member stations across the U.S. NPR has a particular habit of attacking Soros’ “conservative” critics for daring to raise questions about how the billionaire spends his money. The Soros financing puts into perspective why the state propaganda outlet would venture so far to protect its leftist financier from his detractors.


George Soros: Propaganda Powerhouse

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