Don't Expect Liberal Media to Cover Multibillion-Dollar, Soros-Tied 'Anti-Industry’ Movement

March 1st, 2023 1:26 PM

Energy journalist Robert Bryce blasted the liberal media for bypassing the nefarious agenda of the “anti-industry” movement in a new report detailing the billions that go towards crushing American capitalism and success. 

Bryce unveiled in a Feb. 18 blog how “the revenue for the top 25 NGOs in the anti-industry industry was more than four times the amount collected by NGOs that support the traditional energy sector” in 2021 alone. “Those 25 anti-hydrocarbon/anti-nuclear NGOs had total revenue of about $4.5 billion which they used to fund campaigns on climate change,” prohibiting natural gas use and opposing nuclear energy, Bryce noted.

By contrast, Bryce wrote, “the top 25 non-profit associations that represent hydrocarbon producers, the nuclear energy industry—along with their allies in the think tank sector—took in about $990 million, or less than one-fourth of the amount garnered by the top anti-hydrocarbon/anti-nuclear NGOs.” That’s more than four times the amount taken in by the woke environmental, social and governance standards-obsessed (ESG) mob list that Bryce tallied.

In summary, according to Bryce, “the overwhelming majority of the money involved in the energy and climate debate in the U.S. today is not on the side of traditional energy producers.” Rather, “the money, the media, and the momentum are clearly on the side of the NGO-corporate-industrial-climate complex.” Effectively, the “pro-hydrocarbon and pro-nuclear entities in America are outgunned and outmanned.” When it comes to policymaking, the “pro-hydrocarbon and pro-nuclear entities” are getting their “collective butts kicked,” concluded Bryce.

Bryce used the data he uncovered to take a blowtorch to the liberal media for burying the lucrative “anti-industry industry” while they prop up climate propaganda:

Don’t expect to read about this vast funding disparity in legacy media outlets. Some of the biggest news organizations in America are peddling a manufactured narrative that the growth of renewable energy is being hindered by ‘front groups’ that are getting money from hydrocarbon producers.

Bryce took aim at leftist founder and The New Yorker contributor Bill McKibben who claimed in December 2022 that “front groups sponsored by the fossil-fuel industry have begun sponsoring efforts to spread misinformation about wind and solar energy.” But as Bryce pointed out, “McKibben didn’t bother to name a single such group.” This is the same McKibben that Scientific American called out in 2011 for throwing up “overheated rhetoric” and “fear-mongering.”

Bryce also ripped The New York Times Climate Desk correspondent David Gelles for claiming Dec. 30, 2022 that the opposition to wind projects in Michigan included “anti-wind activists with ties to groups backed by Koch Industries.” However, Bryce said that Gelles also “didn’t provide any names or any proof of any Koch connections. (Gelles did not reply to two emails asking him for proof of his claim.)”

MRC Business discovered that at least seven of the 25 woke “anti-industry” groups that Bryce tallied based on ProPublica and Guidestar data were heavily funded to the tune of $14,253,283 by leftist billionaire George Soros from 2016-2021, according to Open Society Foundations records. Soros Fund Management vowed in May 2022 to wield its ESG strategy to bully businesses in order to force fossil fuels out of the market. In Bryce’s view, “the anti-industry industry in America is enormous, its revenues are soaring, and its success in getting local and state governments to adopt anti-hydrocarbon policies is obvious.”

Conservatives are under attack. Contact ABC News (818) 460-7477, CBS News (212) 975-3247 and NBC News (212) 664-6192 and demand they tell the truth about the lucrative nature of the “anti-industry industry.”