Media Bust: New Poll Shows 53% of Likely Voters Oppose Dems’ $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill

September 30th, 2021 7:14 AM

American voters are not buying any of the propaganda the liberal media has been pushing in trying to sell the $3.5 trillion spending monstrosity put forward by the Democratic Party.

A new poll of 1,000 likely voters by Rasmussen Reports released Sept. 27 found that “Fifty-three percent (53%) are opposed to passage of the $3.5 trillion [reconciliation] spending measure, including 41% who Strongly Oppose passage.” As Rasmussen described it, “[m]ost voters are against the $3.5 trillion ‘reconciliation’ budget bill now pending in Congress.” The report also noted that the majority of voters are “also opposed to raising the national debt ceiling.” The results of the poll slam against media sugar-coating, virtue-signaling and advocacy for the spending measure’s passage.

CNN Chief Media Correspondent Brian Stelter actually tried to gaslight viewers on the gargantuan price tag of the bill. Stelter bleated during a Sept. 26 Reliable Sources segment that “there are labels like $3.5 trillion, huge numbers thrown around. They can be incredibly misleading.” The segment got worse. Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell actually attempted to claim that the $3.5 trillion figure was “a weird shorthand used but the bill itself will not cost $3.5 trillion in the sense it will be entirely paid for. So the actual cost will be smaller than that, perhaps zero.” Uh, what?

Staying true to form, CNN even attacked Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) for being against the massive spending bill. CNN anchor Dana Bash tried to smear Manchin for daring to exercise a bit of austerity during an interview on the Sept. 12 segment of CNN’s State of the Union: “There are a number of your fellow Democrats who say that you’re opposed to this because you’re bought and paid for by corporate donors.”

In July, NBC News Business Correspondent Stephanie Ruhle praised the socialist bill as a “Barbie DreamHouse of improvements to the human condition.” But based on analysis by CATO Director for Tax Policy Studies Chris Edwards, the bill is more like a left-wing crazy house of measures that would cripple the U.S. economy. It doesn’t look like voters are buying Ruhle’s pro-spending cheerleading.

Luckily, based on Rassmussen’s polling, it appears voters are rejecting the media narrative. Perhaps CNN, NBC and others should start paying attention.

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