WATCH: Fox Business Host Charles Payne SHREDS Biden ‘War’ on U.S. Fossil Fuels

August 13th, 2021 1:11 PM

Fox Business host Charles Payne placed the blame for spiking energy prices right at the feet of President Joe Biden's fossil fuel “war.”

Fox News anchor John Roberts called out the “inherent contradiction” of Biden begging the international oil cartel Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to pump more oil while “choking the domestic production of oil.” Roberts, during Thursday's America Reports, alluded to how Biden was passing the buck and suggesting rising prices are due to anti-competitive market behavior.

Payne questioned Biden's strategy: “Are you against oil in general — you know, I think he keeps saying fossil fuels are the main reason for climate change, man-made climate change — [or] are you, are you against Americans making money from oil, providing strong jobs, national security? You know, which one is it?”

Payne continued: “[I]n the same day that [Biden] hint[s] at somehow, something nefarious going on within America’s oil complex,” Biden is saying, “‘OPEC, we need you to pump out more!’” He accused Biden of running his 2020 presidential campaign on a platform of going to “war” with fossil fuels.

Payne ripped Biden’ nonsensical appeal to foreign oil while decimating U.S. oil:

So we’re talking about taking American dollars — billions of dollars — shipping it to Saudi Arabia instead of keeping it here, creating our own jobs, creating our own opportunities. It just, it just blows my mind. It really does. It’s so nonsensical, but it’s damaging as well.

Roberts pointed out that “nobody” had been talking about OPEC much in the past year because, “we really didn’t need them all that much. Now, apparently, we do.” Payne responded by saying, “we wouldn’t need them though if there wasn’t a war on fossil fuels.”

He also noted that “[w]e became as close to energy independent. We became a dominant player in the whole space. President Biden ran on the platform of going to war with fossil fuels.” West Texas Intermediate oil, “a week ago, was $75 a barre” compared to “$35 a barrel” on Nov. 2, 2020, according to Payne. “That’s what happens when you tell these industries that they can’t drill on federal lands. This is [what] happens when you cause war when they can’t even go to Wall Street to raise money for large-scale projects. You start to hurt supply.”

Payne explained how Biden’s policies were causing inflation:

So demand goes up. We can’t get [oil], even though it’s right under our feet. And we have to go to someone else — to another organization in another country — and say, ‘Hey, we’ll ship out billions of U.S. dollars if you produce more oil.’ Again, it’s so backwards, and it’s so defeatist.

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