SICK! Soros & Buffett-Funded Abortion Group Tries to Sway Faith Voters

June 24th, 2021 8:33 AM

Liberal outlet Inside Philanthropy sang the praises of an extremist pro-abortion group funded by billionaires George Soros and Warren Buffett looking to revamp its baby slaughter advocacy.

Catholics for Choice (CFC), a leftist organization that twists the tenets of faith to sanction the monstrous act of abortion, is being rebuilt and rebranded at a time when “the politics of reproductive rights are approaching a boiling point,” IP fearmongered

The outlet propped up the “challenge” of the new and extremist CFC President Jamie L. Manson: “To reach the millions of Catholics who comprise the ‘moveable middle’ of the faith electorate.” It appears that the way for Manson to reach the faith electorate is by corrupting Catholic doctrine: “‘The anti-choice movement is not a secular movement. It is a religious movement that is largely made up of Catholics and right-wing evangelicals who were inspired by Catholics. ...There really is no game here without Catholics for Choice.’” By “anti-choice” Manson is using the typical leftist denigration of the pro-life movement. 

IP celebrated Manson’s CFC leadership as “a rarity: an ‘out lesbian Catholic journalist’ with a master of divinity degree from Yale.”

IP conveniently neglected to mention CFC’s connections to Soros and Buffett. Foundation Directory Online data showed that The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation gave a whopping $26,771,936 to CFC between 2003 and 2018. Soros’s Foundation to Promote Open Society (FPOS) gave CFC a $200,000 grant in 2018. The average cost of an abortion at 10 weeks is $450, according to Pregnancy Decision Line. The average abortion cost suggests that the Buffett Foundation’s CFC funding could pay for an astonishing 59,493 abortions, while FPOS's funding could pay for 444 abortions just from its 2018 grant alone. 

Catholics for Choice had reportedly been suffering from a recent loss of influence and funding, according to the article. To fix the problem, Manson is reportedly pursuing a marketing strategy to encourage leftist donors to see its utility for abortion advocacy. IP celebrated the despicable pro-baby killing strategy:

‘We have to talk back to the anti-choice movement in religious language. Because they’re using religious language,’ Manson contends. The approach is unique in that it’s not the in-your-face advocacy characteristic of most abortion rights groups, Manson says. That approach differs from the way Planned Parenthood and NARAL address the issue, she says. But Manson maintains that when ‘your biggest opposition is the Catholic Church and right-wing lay Catholics,’ CFC is invaluable to funders because it knows how to respond in the language of faith,” [emphasis added].

In order to reach more supporters, the article explained, “Manson is also revamping CFC’s media relations operation, beefing up her communications staff, and banking on her own visibility over the years.”

Conservatives are under attack. Contact Inside Philanthropy founder David Callahan at and demand the outlet stop promoting the abortion lobby.