No April Fools Joke! NYT’s Front Page Serves as Pro-Biden Propaganda Palooza

April 1st, 2021 3:19 PM

How appropriate! The New York Times filled its April Fools Day front-page with puff stories praising President Joe Biden’s leftist economic agenda.

Four Times stories dominated the front page with headlines promoting Biden’s disastrous multi-trillion, sugar-high government spending. Taking up most of the page, their big story had this ludicrous headline on Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure spending package: “Biden Plan Stresses Jobs, Roads and Growth.”

Meanwhile, Times economic reporter Patricia Cohen channeled her inner Keynes and praised Biden’s massive tax agenda in another story headlined: “Tax Pitch Challenges G.O.P. Notions on Spurring Growth.” 

A third story by Times White House correspondent Jim Tankersley — who last year stoked alarmism about racial and economic inequality if the economy was released from lockdown — was headlined: “$2 Trillion for ‘Once in Generation’ Fix of Infrastructure.”

The last Times story’s headline absurdly suggested Biden’s climate agenda could be a smashing, job-creating success: “Big Bet: Fighting Climate Change Will Add to Work Force.” The story pushed Biden’s talking point that his “$2 trillion” green-based infrastructure plan is about “creating union jobs, hundreds of thousands of them, in wind and solar power, electric cars and road- and bridge-building.” Of course, the piece didn’t mention how Biden’s climate actions in nuking the Keystone XL pipeline already killed thousands of U.S. jobs.

Cohen’s story praised how “Biden’s ambitious plan to increase corporate taxes does more than just reverse much of the overhaul pushed through by his predecessor. It also offers a profoundly different vision of how to make the United States more competitive and how to foot the bill.” Cohen only dedicated a few small references to any real kind of criticism of Biden’s proposal. Her critiques included a short statement of opposition from Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President Neil Bradley

However, Cohen ignored estimates from the Tax Foundation's finding that the “corporate income tax is the most harmful tax for economic growth … a growing amount of empirical evidence shows that workers bear the true economic burden of the corporate income tax through reduced wages.”

Tankersley’s praise of Biden included that “tax increases would more than offset [infrastructure] spending in 15 years, leading to an eventual reduction of the budget deficit.” In addition, Tankersley propagandized that the “scale of the proposal underscores how fully Mr. Biden has embraced the opportunity to use federal spending to address longstanding social and economic challenges in a way not seen in a half-century.” 

The New York Post Editorial Board recently ripped Biden's spending plan as another “free-money orgy” and undercut Tankersley’s assertion: "Even if the tax hikes total ‘only’ a staggering $3 trillion, as the latest rumors suggest, much of Biden’s spree will be financed with yet more debt." It added: "Interest payments on the national debt this year alone total a whopping $378 billion. Biden’s borrowing would push that from the stratosphere and into orbit."

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