CNN and Daily Beast Op-Ed Attack Goya CEO Robert Unanue

July 16th, 2020 2:14 PM

Media outlets like CNN and The Daily Beast have decided it’s wrong for a Hispanic business owner to support President Donald Trump.

Both CNN and a Daily Beast op-ed attacked Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue for voicing his support for Trump July 9 at the White House. CNN said Unanue’s actions were a “betrayal” to Latinos and The Daily Beast op-ed called him a “moron.”

Daily Beast columnist Ruben Navarrette Jr. pushed what he called the “Goycott.” In an op-ed headlined, “This Isn’t ‘Cancel Culture.’ The Goya CEO Is Just a Moron,” Navarrette babbled that, “[u]nderstanding the Goycott can be difficult if you’re not Latino—or even if you are Latino, but not fortunate enough to be Mexican American or Mexican.” 

He continued: “That subgroup, with roots south of the border, makes up more than 60 percent of the U.S. Latino population.” Navarrette then claimed that this subgroup is “one of President Trump’s favorite piñatas.” [Emphasis added.]

He attempted to diminish Unanue’s status as a minority by saying that the Goya CEO’s family was “Hispanic,” but not “Latino,” because Unanue's grandparents were Spanish immigrants. Navarrette said, “The Spanish are considered ‘Hispanic’ but not ‘Latino.’” This indicates that Navarrette is suggesting Unanue and perhaps others like him can’t understand the “Goycott” because they aren’t the right type of minority.

Navarrette pushed propaganda, suggesting that “The hits on Mexicans have kept on coming since June 2015.” He then took the typical Jorge Ramos approach of distorting Trump’s words against illegal immigration. Navarrette wrote: “That’s when the real-estate mogul launched his presidential bid and revved up white supporters by essentially calling my Mexican grandfather a rapist, criminal, and drug trafficker.” 

Navarrette issued a Marxist threat against Unanue and Latino business owners who support Trump: 

Mexicans, and Mexican Americans, are a proud people. And many of us take extreme offense at being treated as a prop by Trump. So much so that if you visit the White House, step into the Rose Garden, stand at a podium and praise Trump, we’ll come after you. Especially if you’re Latino and got rich off the backs of Mexican customers, [emphasis added.]

Navarrette conveniently ignored that Goya Foods announced a donation of “one million cans of American-grown chickpeas and one million pounds of products to food banks” to help with pandemic relief. Such context would dent the narrative.

CNN published a piece headlined, “Goya CEO's support for Trump leaves many Latinos feeling sting of betrayal.” CNN Senior Writer Ray Sanchez propagandized that even food blogger Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack is now “among the many Latinos who say they won't buy Goya products” because Unanue supported Trump.

Sanchez bleated in his piece how “Unanue's appearance at the Washington ceremony announcing the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative sparked outrage on social media. The hashtags #Goyaway and #BoycottGoya exploded. Prominent Hispanic American leaders called for a boycott.” However, the only “leaders” he cited that were critical of Unanue were former Democrat mayoral candidate for New York City Fernando Ferrer and Marquez-Sharpnack. 

CNN cited only one Hispanic celebrity who stood by Goya: MMA fighter Jorge Masvidal. But Sanchez proceeded to attack Trump with the same fallacy Navarrette used against Trump’s comments condemning illegal immigration: “Trump has repeatedly come under fire for attacking immigrants from Mexico and Central America as criminals.”

Contact The Daily Beast via Signal (the encrypted instant messaging and phone call app) at (347) 537-5494 and CNN at (404) 827-1700 and tell them to stop attacking Hispanic business owners who support Trump.