Sky News Australia: ‘Shame on CNN’ for Putting Greta Thunberg on COVID-19 'Town Hall'

May 15th, 2020 4:43 PM

Sky News Australia definitely didn’t pull any punches in its criticisms of CNN’s nutty idea to put Greta Thunberg alongside health experts on a "coronavirus town hall" last night.

Sky News Australia’s The Bolt Report host Andrew Bolt took CNN to task along with guest commentators Gemma Tognini and Jenna Clarke, both of whom write for the newspaper The West Australian.

Bolt began the segment: “Greta Thunberg, right? She’s just 17. She’s most famous for NOT going to school. She’s a priestess of the global warming movement, of course.” Bolt continued, with him and his guests barely able to contain their laughter at the humor of it all. “But now it seems she’s actually a guru of the coronavirus — tragedy — whatever as well. CNN has put her on its panel tonight to discuss the coronavirus crisis.”

Bolt posed the question to Tognini: “Doesn’t this strike you as utterly bizarre?”

Watch the entire exchange below.



Tognini went straight for the epic takedown: “I feel there are two really important points here. Shame on CNN. Shame on the producer of that program for thinking that it’s appropriate to have a 17-year old climate activist on a panel about this global pandemic.” Tognini continued: “It just diminishes any kind of credibility that they may have been trying to have.”

Clarke chimed in later: “I think people just need to stay in their lane when it comes to stuff like this.”

Get wrecked, CNN.