Michael Bloomberg Spending $85 Million to Bury 120 Petrochemical Projects Amidst Energy Crisis

October 6th, 2022 3:29 PM

Liberal billionaire Michael Bloomberg is continuing his war with the American oil and gas industry amidst an energy crisis and is willing to dish out tens of millions of dollars to wage it.

Michael Bloomberg “Beyond Petrochemicals will partner with frontline communities to block the construction of 120+ planned new petrochemical projects,” Bloomberg Philanthropies announced in a Sept. 21 press release. The Big Three evening news networks completely ignored the news of Bloomberg’s “Beyond Petrochemicals” campaign from Sept. 21 until the time of publication. 

The headline for the release didn’t hold back: “Michael R. Bloomberg Launches New $85 Million Campaign to Stop Rapid Rise of Pollution From the Petrochemical Industry in the United States.” Petrochemicals, in particular, are chemical products derived from petroleum and are critical to making plastics, soaps, fertilizers and pesticides, according to ScienceDirect

Apparently, a man worth $70 billion doesn’t seem to care that Americans are struggling to cope with high energy prices bolstered by months of crippling 40-year high inflation. 

This new announcement follows Bloomberg reannouncing a $500 million effort in 2019 to wipe out coal and natural gas use in the U.S. Bloomberg was also behind another $242 million push in May to shut down coal production in 10 countries.

Bloomberg’s latest press release argued that this campaign to eliminate petrochemical projects in the U.S. would help Americans, but omitted relevant information on how such a vendetta could potentially make the energy situation worse for Americans and also eliminate jobs. 

What scientific basis does Bloomberg’s green extremist call to bury petrochemical and plastic projects across the U.S. actually have? Bloomberg Philanthropies cited research from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to argue that petrochemicals and plastics “pose significant threats” to Americans in a separate blog post on the campaign. 

The second study directly linked in the press release was also “supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies.” The research concluded that petrochemical plants were even more dangerous than coal plants, another leftist boogeyman. “In the United States alone, the refining and petrochemical industries emit as much climate-warming pollution every year as 100 coal-fired power plants.”

The Bloomberg School of Public Health, named after the billionaire, and Bloomberg’s own nonprofit just happened to support studies that agree with his own radicalism. What a coincidence. 

Bloomberg Philanthropies did not respond to a request for comment on either jobs or energy inflation by publication time. 

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