Pamela Anderson Joins Radical Eco-Group’s Attacks on Salmon Farming

July 20th, 2016 11:45 AM
Baywatch star Pamela Anderson is part of the latest anti-salmon farming campaign with an organization helmed by a man who has argued that the global population should be reduced by several billion people. Anderson, already on the board of directors of the radical Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, partnered with them to investigate the supposedly secretive world of salmon farming and film a PSA…

Yale Eco-Podcast Urges: Eat More Bugs!

March 18th, 2015 12:52 PM
Cricket. It’s what’s for dinner. At least that’s what lefty environmentalists are pushing as a substitute for meat like beef, pork or chicken. All for the sake of the environment. Yum.

Film ‘There’s No Tomorrow’ Spreads Eco-Hysteria About Economic C

February 21st, 2012 11:27 AM
The current system of economic growth is unsustainable, and people should “try to avoid banks,” “consider gardening to grow your own food,” and reject the advances of globalization. That’s not a clip from National Geographic’s “Doomsday Preppers.” That is the latest message of doom and gloom from the environmental movement. Incubate Pictures produced a nearly 35 minute animated film titled “…

Media Find 7 Billion Reasons to Panic This Halloween

October 24th, 2011 8:43 AM
Halloween is traditionally a night of witches, ghosts, and monsters. But for environmentalists and their media allies, an even bigger scare is coming this Halloween: the birth of Earth's 7 billionth resident. On Oct. 31, 2011, world population will reach 7 billion, according to the United Nations. For many people, this milestone is a cause for celebration and a human triumph. But for…

Psychology Today Blog: Ban Having Children for 5 Years

February 9th, 2009 12:09 PM
A bestselling author has called octuplets-mother Nadya Sulamen a 'murderer' and warns of overpopulation saying, "we need to lose 4.4 billion people."“STOP HAVING CHILDREN.” Steven Kotler has declared that responsible adults should stop having children in order to save the planet. Those who are having kids, are being selfish and stealing from the future, the rest of humanity, and “every living…

Entertainment Show Promotes Lefty Whale-Saving Cause

January 6th, 2009 10:41 AM
"Access Hollywood's" nightly fare is usually devoted to the latest celebrity rumors, box office bombs, and red carpet fashion. But on January 2nd, the TV tabloid became a broadside for a liberal environmental cause.  Access Hollywood gave glowing coverage - and one minute, 17 seconds of air time -- to "Save the Whales Again," a pet cause of spokesperson and teen actress Hayden Panettiere.In…

Rolling Stone: ‘Human Race Is Doomed

October 23rd, 2007 2:15 PM