Jennifer Rubin Ali Velshi Michael Steele MSNBC Ali Velshi 8-6-22

MSNBC Republican Steele Supports Dem Meddling in GOP Primaries

August 7th, 2022 10:17 PM

On Ali Velshi's MSNBC show, ex-RNC Chairman Michael Steele, turned MSNBC Republican and Lincoln Project member, supports Democrat meddling in Republican primaries by boosting MAGA candidates who they think will be easier to beat in the general election. Jennifer Rubin,  the Washington Post columnist who renounced her conservative label, opposes such meddling, saying it is "dangerous" and…


On Abortion, Sharpton Declares 'The Bible Is About Choice'

August 4th, 2022 2:35 PM

President of National Action Network and MSNBC PoliticsNation host Al Sharpton joined Chris Jansing Reports on Thursday to discuss abortion and religion. Sharpton didn’t understand how one could be a good Christian and be pro-life because, according to him, “the Bible is about choice.”

Jonathan Capehart Vicente Gonzalez MSNBC The Sunday Show 7-31-22

Capehart Quizzes Dem Whose Blogger Called GOP Opponent 'Miss Frijoles'

August 1st, 2022 5:54 AM

On his Sunday Show, Jonathan Capehart put tough questions to Democrat congressional candidate Vicente Gonzalez about racist slurs made against his opponent by a blogger that Gonzalez had paid, and for his vote against the "assault weapons" ban,

Tiffany Cross Nayyera Haq MSNBC The Cross Connectioin 7/30/22

MSNBC Blames Lack of Equal WNBA/NBA Pay For Griner Imprisonment!

July 30th, 2022 6:42 PM

On Tiffany Cross's MSNBC show on Saturday morning, Nayyera Haq, a former Obama aide, speaking of the imprisonment in Russia of WNBC player Brittney Griner, said: "We know the reason that she was in Russia was because she was not able to make equal pay here in the United States that NBA stars would make. That points to the disparity in American life." Cross gave a one-word response: "terrifying…


MSNBC Laments Existence Of Pro-Life Men: 'He Doesn't Have A Vagina'

July 30th, 2022 1:03 PM

As the Saturday edition of MSNBC’s The Cross Connection puts it, things are so bad in America that it is understandable why Americans are Googling how to move Canada and one of the reasons why things are so bad is because pro-life men exist even though “he doesn't have a vagina himself.”


Ruhle Shames GOP For Lack Solutions For Biden's Inflation

July 28th, 2022 2:26 PM

Stephanie Ruhle is the host of The 11th Hour and MSNBC’s chief business correspondent and it is in that later role that she appeared on Thursday’s Jose Diaz-Balart Reports to discuss the state of the economy. For Ruhle, the story of inflation is not massive amounts of Biden spending, but that Biden is stuck in the middle of world events and that Republicans have no solution…


Stein: Kansas Is Tricking Women 'Into Voting Away Their Own Rights'

July 23rd, 2022 12:04 PM

For the second weekend in a row, Politico’s Sam Stein guest hosted MSNBC’s Velshi. On this Saturday, Stein accused pro-lifers in Kansas of “essentially trick their citizens into voting away their own rights” on an upcoming ballot measure on August 2.


MSNBC Hypes Dem Stunt: Would You Get Arrested Again 'If You Had To'

July 20th, 2022 11:54 AM

On Wednesday’s edition of Jose Diaz-Balart Reports on MSNBC, guest host Lindsey Reiser welcomed Rep. Sara Jacobs on to the program to talk about getting arrested on Tuesday as part of a stunt in front of the Supreme Court. Instead of asking about the unserious and unintentionally hilarious theatrical elements of it, Reiser asked if she would be willing to do it all again “if you had…


The Collected Wisdom of MSNBC's Tiffany Cross

July 17th, 2022 11:40 AM

A mash-up of inane and obnoxious comments by Tiffany Cross on her MSNBC show of Saturday, July 16th.


MSNBC Cites Hitler, Mussolini To Warn GOP is Threatening Democracy

July 16th, 2022 12:12 PM

Politico White House editor Sam Stein stepped in to guest host MSNBC’s Saturday installment of Velshi where he asked what he thought was a profound question: what is “closest historical parallel to the moment.. that we are in right now with our democracy?” The answer he got back from Prof. Ruth Ben-Ghiat was to analogize the current situation to the raise of Hitler and…


MSNBC Warns Pro-Life Laws Could Silence Victims of Sexual Abuse

July 14th, 2022 3:29 PM

On Thursday’s Chris Jansing Reports, the eponymous MSNBC host wondered if pro-life laws will have “a chilling effect on rape victims” and her guests readily informed her that they will.

Jonathan Capehart  David Hogg MSNBC The Sunday Show 7-10-22

Hogg Insists MSNBC Highland Park Shooter's a Racist, Not Mentally Ill

July 10th, 2022 3:52 PM

On Jonathan Capehart's MSNBC show, David Hogg suggests that the Highland Park shooting suspect was a white nationalist, although the law enforcement spokesman has said there is no evidence to that effect. Hogg and Capehart condemn Mitch McConnell for saying that mental health was the issue in the shootings. Hogg also blames redlining for the insufficient availability in minority communities of…


MSNBC Hypes Not Celebrating July 4th Due to 'Evil of the Republicans'

July 9th, 2022 12:24 PM

The cast of Saturday’s The Cross Connection on MSNBC was not happy with President Biden for allegedly being too nice to Republicans and welcomed those who did not celebrate the 4th of July on Monday, declaring that know they know how it feels to face the “evil of the Republicans.”


MSNBC Puts On Radical Youngster Decrying 'Clear Descent Into Fascism'

July 5th, 2022 6:57 AM

On Saturday morning, MSNBC host Zerlina Maxwell interviewed 20-year-old radical leftist Jamie Margolin, “founder of the youth-led climate activist group Zero Hour.” The rabble-rouser went straight for the panic button, saying recent Supreme Court decisions on abortion and climate are a “judicial coup” and a “clear descent into fascism.”