BBC Asks Why Israel Didn't Issue Warning Ahead Of Rescue Mission

June 11th, 2024 3:26 PM

BBC anchor Helena Humphrey certainly wasn’t the first journalist to have a strong opinion on military operations during the Israel-Hamas War, despite having no knowledge of such matters, but she may have asked former IDF spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus the dumbest question on Sunday as she asked him why the Israeli hostage rescue operators did not warn the hostage takers they were coming…

BBC Runs Hit Piece on Slovakian PM Hours After Assassination Attempt

May 16th, 2024 5:51 AM

The BBC is facing criticism for an article its Prague correspondent, Rob Cameron, wrote about Slovakia's Prime Minister Robert Fico just hours after an assassination attempt on the leader. Critics advance that the piece, which delves into Fico's rise in politics and his controversial decisions, was ill-timed and insensitive. They argue that discussing Fico's political scandals as surgeons…


CAUGHT! OpenAI Chatbot Pushes Legacy Media, Lefty Media Ratings Firms

February 15th, 2024 10:10 AM

The Media Research Center has the receipts to show that artificial intelligence poses a grave danger to media critical of the Biden administration.

Yet Again, BBC Is Forced To Apologize For Anti-Israel Smear

January 9th, 2024 3:45 PM

The BBC has a long and inglorious history of having to apologize for anti-Israel reporting and Tuesday was just the latest installment.

Mark Levin RIPS 'Vile Hit Piece' by Media Matters on Israel and Hamas

December 26th, 2023 2:19 PM

Mark Levin's hateful defenses of civilian casualties, calls for war crimes, and xenophobic attacks on Palestinians


BBC Says Israel Targeted Hospital Staff, Forced To Apologize (Again)

November 16th, 2023 9:52 AM

On Wednesday, the globally influential BBC was forced to apologize yet again for an anti-Israel smear from one of its anchors. This time, the BBC accused Israel of intentionally targeting Al-Shifa Hospital staff and Arab speakers during its operations in Gaza, which was exactly the opposite of what the cited Reuters report said.


YIKES! Soros Henchman Urged Hamas Have Seat at Negotiating Table

November 10th, 2023 3:19 PM

One of leftist billionaire George Soros’ chief henchmen clamored for Israel to employ diplomatic solutions in its conflict with Hamas after the latter’s genocidal Oct. 7 attacks on the Jewish state.


Israeli Comedians Go Viral Mocking BBC's Anti-Israel Bias in War News

October 29th, 2023 7:04 AM

In America we're used to our comedians all mocking conservatives. But Hannah Brown of the Jerusalem Post reports in Israel, in the midst of war with Hamas, the country's most popular comedy show went viral mocking the pro-Hamas bias of the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Hamas Terror Attacks Exposed Massive, Raw Antisemitism

October 18th, 2023 3:22 PM

“Come,” they say, “let us destroy them as a nation, so that Israel’s name is remembered no more.” ( Psalm 83:4 ) The murderous attack on Israel has ripped away what remained of a thin veneer that has covered up growing antisemitism in America and some of the rest of the world. Until now it has only periodically raised its ugly head. The reaction by pro-Palestinian groups to Israel’s…


Time to Embarrass the Lefty Media for Backing Hamas on Hospital Strike

October 18th, 2023 12:41 PM

Unsurprisingly the liberal media rushed Tuesday to accept the claims of the Palestinian Health Ministry that Israel had fired a missile at a Gaza hospital that Palestinians insisted had killed hundreds. Of course, that wasn’t true as Israeli and U.S. intelligence and amateur video showed it was a misfired Islamic Jihad or Hamas rocket. The cast of characters read like a who’s who in the…

Networks Leaped to Live Coverage of Trump Impeachments, Yawn at Biden

September 30th, 2023 4:00 PM

It didn't escape notice that none of the networks offered live wall-to-wall coverage of the first hearing of the House impeachment inquiry. When they covered it later, they made a point of rallying for Biden. An impeachment inquiry into Trump was urgent and deserving news. A Biden inquiry is dismissed as garbage. 

New Deckchair for the Titanic: Ex-BBC, NYT Tapped to Lead Divisive CNN

August 31st, 2023 11:44 AM

Publicly revealed on Wednesday, WarnerBros. Discovery tapped former BBC Director-General and former CEO/president of The New York Times Company to lead CNN as it continues to struggle not only with ratings, but improving its image from the days of the Jeffrey Zucker-led circus that lived for spewing venom at Donald Trump and the GOP writ large.

BBC Apologizes to Nigel Farage on Inaccurate Bank Canceling Story

July 26th, 2023 1:16 PM

The BBC issued a full apology to Brexit leader Nigel Farage for countering his claim that his bank account was closed for political reasons.


CBS Unsure If It’s ‘In the Public Interest’ to Discuss BBC Sex Scandal

July 13th, 2023 5:20 PM

Thursday’s CBS Mornings became the first broadcast network flagship newscast to cover a scandal rocking the British press as legendary BBC News anchor (known as “presenter” across the Pond) Euw Edwards was named Wednesday (by his wife) as the mystery BBC journalist who allegedly paid a young boy for sexually explicit images starting when he was 17 years old. But instead of denouncing…