Worst Censorship of June: From Elections to LGBTQ and COVID-19

July 10th, 2024 2:07 PM

June has been labeled by the radical left as “Pride Month,” but Big Tech seemed most prideful for its censorship of free speech.

MRC Exposes TWO MORE Federal Entities Working to Censor Americans

June 25th, 2024 5:08 PM

The Biden administration reportedly pressured major tech companies, including Meta, Google, Twitter, and Amazon, to censor content related to COVID-19 and vaccines that do not align with the official narrative. MRC Free Speech America detailed the seven federal departments that were allegedly involved in this effort. Furthermore, internal documents revealed that the Biden administration…

AMAZON FILES: These Are the Books Biden Told Amazon to Digitally Bury

June 24th, 2024 5:58 PM

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan’s latest drop of (R-OH) Amazon Files uncovered that the Big Tech giant suppressed at least 43 books at the behest of President Joe Biden’s administration. 

Bombshell Report Exposes Biden’s Rampant Collusion with Big Tech

May 6th, 2024 9:42 AM

New details have emerged in a congressional investigation into the Biden administration censorship enterprise that has curtailed free speech on a level unprecedented in American history.



7 Times Big Tech Censored Content Exposing Radical Islamic Extremism

April 30th, 2024 8:20 AM

Big Tech has not only run cover for leftists, but, over the years, it has censored content exposing radical Islamic extremism.

ENOUGH: Jordan Increases Pressure on Gov’t-Big Tech Collusion

April 10th, 2024 5:25 PM

The House Judiciary Committee is aiming to uncover potentially more dystopian free speech violations from two major government agencies in coordination with five Big Tech companies.

Rumble Cloud to Remedy ‘Existential Threat’ of Cancel Culture

March 12th, 2024 10:09 PM

The free speech video platform Rumble is making moves to protect the First Amendment with its new Rumble Cloud service.


Mike Davis: Amazon in Cahoots with China in Latest Anti-America Effort

February 27th, 2024 5:27 PM

A Republican legal expert condemned Big Tech, particularly Amazon, for not only crushing speech but also helping a foreign government supersede U.S. companies.


Prime Drama Features Pro-Life Scene as Mother Sees Baby for First Time

February 26th, 2024 10:22 AM

Something magical appears to have been gifted to us out of the writers’ strike that gripped Hollywood for five months and delayed fall and winter show premiers- we are seeing much less liberal propaganda as these delayed shows finally roll out. Perhaps the writers have been too busy playing catch up to be working in cahoots with leftist groups such as Planned Parenthood, among others, and…

AMAZON FILES: Amazon Caved In to Biden Admin Pressure to Censor Books

February 6th, 2024 9:45 AM

Explosive new evidence adds another terrifying chapter to the incestuous collusion story between President Joe Biden’s administration and Big Tech to censor free speech.

Amazon’s Anti-Semitism Problem: Employees Demand Break with Israel

December 6th, 2023 6:43 PM

Amazon appears to have a serious problem with anti-Semitism among its employees, and the anti-free speech company is seemingly refusing to acknowledge it.


Prime Video’s Sci-Fi Comedy ‘Upload’ Sexualizes and Exploits Young Boy

October 30th, 2023 1:49 PM

Hollywood has a long history of sexualizing young children for “entertainment,” and their utter disdain towards the movie Sound of Freedom, which brought more awareness to the problem of child sex trafficking, was inconceivable, even for Hollywood. So, even though it should come as no surprise, it was still shocking to see a child masturbation scene on Prime Video’s futuristic, sci-fi…

Lawmakers Pressure Amazon to Censor Alexa’s So-Called Election Misinfo

October 24th, 2023 5:40 PM

A duo of lawmakers have joined in, once again, to pressure Amazon to censor so-called “election misinformation” on its Alexa voice assistant tool.

Amazon on Chopping Block? FTC Attempting to Cut Notch in Bezos Empire

July 27th, 2023 7:36 PM

The Federal Trade Commission is expected to file a highly anticipated antitrust lawsuit against Amazon in a move that could break up the company.