MSNBC Montage Compares Memo To Capone’s Vault Debacle

February 5th, 2018 10:24 AM
On Monday, MSNBC’s Morning Joe opened with a video montage that combined clips from conservative media talking about the release of the FISA memo with footage of Geraldo Rivera opening Al Capone’s vault.

Media Hated Investigations Into Clinton’s Obstruction of Justice

June 8th, 2017 11:24 AM
In today’s political climate, an observer would be roundly mocked if they suggested President Trump is the victim of a “spiteful” “witch hunt,” or even a “coup d’etat.” But during the Clinton impeachment drama in 1998 and 1999, liberal journalists trotted out all of those claims as a way to deflect and defend a Democratic President who was impeached for, among other things, obstruction of justice…

Geraldo: Castro Not 'All Awful,' 'Will Be Remembered Fondly'

November 26th, 2016 6:01 PM
In a Saturday morning appearance on Fox & Friends, Geraldo Rivera, who interviewed Fidel Castro in 1977 when he worked at ABC News, mostly defended the Cuban dictator whose death was announced Friday night. Rivera, while admitting earlier in the five-minute segment that "Communism stinks, we all know that," and that "Communism cannot compete with capitalism," nevertheless insisted in the…

Geraldo Scolds GOP to Admit They 'Were Wrong' On Clinton E-Mails

August 12th, 2016 12:17 PM
Thursday night on the O’Reilly Factor, Fox News Senior Correspondent Geraldo Rivera argued with guest host Eric Bolling, co-host of The Five, about whether or not the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails was worthwhile, as even more controversy surrounding the Clinton Foundation comes to light. Rivera contended that Republicans were “wrong” to investigate her emails and that they…

Even Geraldo Slams 'Misguided' Obama on ISIS, 'Want to Love' the Prez

July 16th, 2016 3:49 PM
On Thursday's The O'Reilly Factor on FNC, during a discussion of the terrorist attack in Nice, France, self-described liberal Republican FNC analyst Geraldo Rivera seemed to be in touch with his more right-leaning side as he criticized President Barack Obama for not dealing with ISIS and depriving them of a safe haven from which to attack the West. Rivera declared that "I want to love the…

MRC's Notable Quotables: 'First-Rate' Hillary Just Like Jefferson

April 18th, 2016 9:02 AM

Posted below: the April 18 edition of Notable Quotables, MRC’s bi-weekly compilation of the latest outrageous quotes in the liberal media. This issue: The “first-rate” Hillary Clinton is just like Thomas Jefferson and John Quincy Adams, according to journalists.  Meanwhile, Chris Matthews told Bernie Sander’s campaign chairman that the socialist candidate stimulates his “erogenous zone.” Over…


Rivera Smears Ted Cruz as ‘Anti-Semitic’ for New York Values Remark

April 8th, 2016 12:42 PM
On the same night that CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin smeared Ted Cruz as anti-Semitic, Fox News’s Geraldo Rivera on Thursday did the same thing. Regarding the Texas senator’s claim that Donald Trump represents New York values, Rivera slimed, “Aside from the stinking, anti-Semitic implications that I see in that whole New York values money and media coded message that he put out there.” 

FNC's Rivera: GOP Has a 'Suicide Complex,' 'Have to Be a Nut' to Win

February 27th, 2016 11:46 PM
Appearing as a guest on Friday's The O'Reilly Factor, FNC correspondent Geraldo Rivera declared that "you've got to be a nut to get the Republican nomination," and that Republicans "have a suicide complex" as he responded to host Bill O'Reilly recalling that Hillary Clinton's campaign has already started characterizing GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump as a "nut."

Rivera Lauds Trump's 'Unparalleled Courage' of Not Siding w/ Israel

February 26th, 2016 6:23 PM
Appearing as a guest on Friday's Fox and Friends, FNC's Geraldo Rivera touted GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump as "the reasonable man on the stage" at last night's presidential debate, and went on to praise Trump's "unparalleled courage" for taking a position of neutrality on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Geraldo Calls FNC's Bolling 'Gringo' for Correctly Pronouncing Nevada

February 19th, 2016 9:14 PM
If you're going to flaunt your superior knowledge, it's a good idea to get it right . . . On this evening's O'Reilly Factor, Geraldo Rivera scolded guest host Eric Bolling for pronouncing the state of Nevada as Ne-VA-da. Condescendingly instructed Rivera: "It's a Spanish word, Ne-VAH-da. Gringo."  There's just one problem. When it comes to pronouncing the name of the state, and not the Spanish…

Dan Rather Urges for Gun Control After Shooting; ‘Terrorized' by Guns

December 2nd, 2015 8:12 PM
Since he’s been off of network TV for over a decade, disgraced former CBS News anchor Dan Rather took to Facebook and Twitter on Wednesday to call for the pass of gun control legislation to combat the claim that the U.S. is being “terrorized daily by gun violence” akin to how the U.S. “spend[s] trillions to defend ourselves” from “foreign terrorists.”

Geraldo Denounces 'Squishy' Obama's 'Malignant Wishful Thinking'

November 17th, 2015 12:18 PM
Fox News Channel's Geraldo Rivera unleashed on President Obama on Monday's Hannity, after the American leader doubled down on his strategy against ISIS at a press conference earlier in the day. Rivera bluntly stated that "the President's feelings are way too squishy for me," and that "this is malignant wishful thinking on the President's part." He later contended that "to compare them to any…

Liberal Journo Geraldo Defends Donald Trump from 'Gotcha' Questions

September 6th, 2015 9:11 PM
This is something you don’t see often – Fox News contributor and unofficial advocate of illegal immigrants, Geraldo Rivera actually defended GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump on “gotcha questions” on foreign policy from an interview he did with radio host Hugh Hewitt. Rivera was on this morning’s Fox & Friends when he told the hosts...

Gutfeld Hits Rivera: ‘Hope You Live Long on the Backs of Dead Fetuses'

August 13th, 2015 7:57 PM
During a discussion on Thursday’s The Five about the Planned Parenthood videos, liberal co-host Geraldo Rivera suggested to fellow co-host Greg Gutfeld that aborted babies should made into “dog food” and after claiming that he “want[s] a cure” to various diseases using baby parts, Gutfeld schooled him by informing him that he “hope[s] you live long on the backs of dead fetuses.”