ABC, NBC Pounce on Deceptive SCOTUS Audio to Distract from Pelosi Vid

June 11th, 2024 11:19 AM

On Monday, Congressional Republicans released unused video from a January 6 documentary by Alexandra Pelosi which showed her mother, then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) admitting that the lack of security was her “responsibility.” But after ignoring the video that night, the Tuesday morning newscasts of ABC and NBC pounced on unauthenticated (a status they admitted to) audio of U.S. Supreme Court…


PBS Can’t Decide on Biden Border Bluff: Better Than Trump or Hypocrisy

June 6th, 2024 10:46 PM

President Biden’s surprise executive order to limit (on paper, anyway) the number of migrants seeking asylum on the southern border led the PBS NewsHour on Tuesday, in a story and a following interview that alternately covered for President Biden (he’s no immigrant-hating Trump!) and chided Biden from the pro-open-borders left (though there is doubt among conservatives as to how tough…


Hunter Biden Trial: ABC’s ‘GMA’ Says Goodbye, NBC Admits He’s Toast

June 6th, 2024 3:29 PM

ABC’s Good Morning America bid farewell Thursday to the first Hunter Biden trial (at least for now) with zero mentions during their news show ahead of what would be a critical day of testimony for the prosecution by Hunter’s former love/late brother Beau’s widow Hallie Biden. CBS Mornings and NBC’s Today, in contrast, still had full stories with the latter even conceding Biden’s only hope to…

NY Times Again Waxes Nostalgic for Communism: ‘Not Everything Was Bad'

June 3rd, 2024 4:27 PM

A Sunday New York Times story by Berlin-based reporter Christopher Schuetze was the latest example of the paper’s repellent habit of condoning certain aspects of Communist tyrannies in Russia and Eastern Europe. for the authoritarian Communist past, “‘Not Everything Was Bad’: Saluting the Mercedes of Eastern Europe and a Communist Past.” Schuetze visited a May Day event in the former…

PBS Touts Focus Group of Two-Time Trump Voters Switching to Biden

June 2nd, 2024 7:07 PM

The PBS NewsHour quickly rounded up its semi-regular focus group of Republican voters one day after Donald Trump’s conviction in a Manhattan courtroom on 34 felony counts for falsifying business records. They touted that six of nine in their collection of PBS-approved 2016 and 2020 Trump voters said that Trump’s conviction had made them less likely to vote Trump in 2024. Only one was…

ABC and CBS Skip Trump's Post-Verdict Speech

May 31st, 2024 1:32 PM

Former President Donald Trump gave a speech on Friday to denounce his conviction and the preceding trial, but of the three main networks, only NBC bothered to break into their regular scheduled programming and carry it live and give their audience Trump’s perspective.


IT’S (D)IFFERENT: Nets Continue To Skip Menendez Corruption Trial

May 28th, 2024 11:34 PM

As the trial of former President Donald Trump winds down, most of the networks appear to be willfully neglecting that other high-profile trial in New York: the second trial of New Jersey Senator Bob Menéndez (D-NJ) on corruption charges.

Networks SUPPRESS Kerry-Iran Bombshell Report

May 23rd, 2024 12:38 AM

Earlier today, a stunning report was published alleging that the Obama administration “actively interfered” in order to hinder the FBI from arresting individuals suspected of aiding and abetting Iran’s efforts to develop a nuclear bomb. We didn't hear a peep about this interference on any of the network evening newscasts. Given their proclivities, a reasonable person may wonder whether they'll…


MSNBC’s Ruhle: The Poors Should Shut Up, Wendy’s Has $3 Breakfast!

May 22nd, 2024 5:01 PM

If your goal was to find some of the most tone-deaf analyses of how Americans were feeling about living under Bidenomics, look no further than MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle. After previously asserting that Americans’ “dirty little secret” was that they were weathering President Biden’s inflation just fine, she was back during Tuesday night’s The 11th Hour to tell the poors that…


Behar Admits She Self-Censors Criticism of Biden Lest It Elect Trump

May 21st, 2024 3:56 PM

The cast of ABC’s The View has made it clear for a while now that they’re in the tank for President Biden. But while they denounced even the Democrats who challenged him, co-host Joy Behar admitted to guest comedian Bill Maher on Tuesday that she self-censors…

Who Would Do That? Nets Ignore Reuters Report on Vanishing Aid in Gaza

May 21st, 2024 2:33 PM

In a story penned Monday and updated Tuesday morning, Reuters’s Michelle Nicholas explained things haven’t exactly gone swimmingly (pun intended) for aid coming from a U.S.-constructed pier into Hamas-controlled Gaza as 11 out of 16 trucks on Saturday never made it to their intended destinations (and thus, being able to reach storage) as they were raided along the way. As such, by Monday…


ABC Ditches ‘Hardline’ Label After Confirmed Death of Iranian Pres.

May 20th, 2024 3:47 PM

Over the weekend, the world was spared the rule of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi (a.k.a. The Butcher of Tehran) after the helicopter he was riding in became a smear on a mountainside in northern Iran. But after accurately calling him a “hardliner” during Sunday’s World News Tonight coverage of the search for the crash site, ABC’s Good Morning America ditched the label after…


Regime Media Unable To Say Morehouse Grads TURNED THEIR BACKS At Biden

May 19th, 2024 8:31 PM

The Regime Media, which at one time falsely foisted “Don’t Say Gay” upon the American public in protest of Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act, now suddenly find themselves in a similar pickle thanks to President Joe Biden’s commencement address at Morehouse College.

PBS Takes Pro-Hamas Line on Israel: 'Mass Expulsion' of Palestinians

May 17th, 2024 10:11 PM

Wednesday’s edition of the PBS NewsHour forwarded pro-Hamas historical talking points to paint Palestinians as endless victims of yet another war they launched against Israel, matching up with the network’s consistently slanted coverage of the current Israel-Hamas war. It’s been 76 years since Arab countries attacked the fledgling state of Israel en masse in 1948 to strangle the…