'American Sniper' Brings Out Leftist Bile; Michael Moore Calls Snipers 'Cowards'

January 19th, 2015 1:19 AM

The popularity of "American Sniper," the story of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, has "shocked" Hollywood. Estimates are that by the time the four-day Martin Luther King holiday weekend ends, the Clint Eastwood-directed film will gross over $100 million and smash records in several R-rated film categories.

That such a movie has been so well received, causing long waiting lines in both red and blue America, has already caused certain leftists to come unglued (examples here, here and here). Perhaps the most appalling reaction on the loony left has come from Michael Moore, who, without naming the film itself, described snipers as "cowards" in the following tweet:


But just to be clear, again without naming the movie, Moore added the following sentiment five hours later:


The the Hollywood Reporter's coverage actually felt the need to "clarify that Moore had not mentioned American Sniper in his tweets." Well, fine, but it's not as if it wasn't obvious.

Katie Pavlich at Townhall had two choice responses (here and here) to Moore's statements:



Moore's record for accuracy isn't exactly stellar. His documentary, "Fahrenheit 9/11," had 56 deceits both within the movie itself and in representations made about it and its promotion.

Expect the negative leftist reaction to ramp up. The popularity of "American Sniper" is sure to send more of them over the edge in the coming days. Also expect passive-aggressive versions of such sentiments to make their way into establishment media reports.

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