Ferguson: Ashleigh Banfield 'Shocked' Witnesses Backed Up Darren Wilson

December 2nd, 2014 7:37 PM

Amid all the events in the wake of the release of the grand jury findings in Ferguson, a brief moment of unusual mental clarity on the part of a liberal reporter has been overlooked. It happened last Tuesday when Ferguson was being discussed on Wolf Blitzer's CNN show as Ashleigh Banfield proclaimed she was "shocked" that the grand jury witnesses backed up former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson's story.

What's particularly notable about her proclamation is that Banfield confessed that there was actually (GASP!) another side to the Ferguson story other than the liberal hype that was widely promulgated. Here is the transcript of Banfield's shocking revelation as she was temporarily able to break free of the liberal cocoon:

Well, it's a big information dump. And if you are as steeped in this case as we are, I highly recommend that you get yourself online and start reading through it.

I just want to add my two cents to this, and that is, I was shocked at the corroborative witnesses that backed Officer Wilson's story. I didn't know there was as many as there were and I didn't know they were African-American. They sure didn't make themselves public. There were so many public witnesses who said things on television that created a very big debate, and now the other side of the debate was said in secret. And some of those other witnesses actually changed their testimony saying that the media or the community or things they had heard actually influenced their testimony in the - you know, at the beginning of the process.

Yes, having a look at the hard reality presented by sworn witnesses in contrast to the usual liberal Ferguson myths can be quite shocking, Ashleigh.