Hypocrisy! NBC Chief 'Angered' By Leaks of Company Info

June 6th, 2007 3:27 AM

If this isn't the ultimate hypocrisy? Here we have new NBC Universal Entertainment Co-chairman Ben Silverman, a highly positioned member of the MSM, getting all huffy over the fact that an eeeevil "Blogger" leaked his important, behind the scenes company operations on the Internet. "I hate the blog world. ... It ends up interfering with people's lives," says the NBC kingpin.

This is hilarious for it's disconnectedness. The MSM doesn't seem to feel THEY are "interfering with people's lives" when they do stories that destroy people (hello Richard Jewell, falsely accused as being the "Centennial Park Olympics bomber" by the MSM -- or "Scooter" Libby for that matter. And let's not forget how the "entertainment" media dogged poor Anna Nicole Smith to her death... and after!). Nor do they worry much about the propriety of leaks of information where it concerns national security (hello New York Times' constant disclosure of National security info). None of those things seem to worry the MSM when it is they being the exposer rather than the exposed (hello Dan Rather and "60 Minutes").

IMDB.com has a news snippet titled, "New NBC Entertainment Chief Angered by Leak", on their site today reporting Silverman's lament:

Newly appointed NBC Universal Entertainment Co-chairman Ben Silverman has castigated L.A. Weekly columnist Nikki Finke, who broke the story on her website last week that top NBC executives were planning to replace Entertainment President Kevin Reilly with Silverman. On Monday, TV Week quoted Silverman as saying, "I hate the blog world. ... It ends up interfering with people's lives. It messes with the process." The trade publication said that Finke's report "sent the entire NBC dealmaking team into frantic overdrive through the Memorial Day weekend."
Pile on top of that the attack on "Bloggers" and we get a chief of the MSM that displays a dinosaur-like desire to stay in the 20th century right along with a healthy does of an inability at introspection resulting in blatant hypocrisy.

What are the sayings? Pot - Kettle - Black? Or how 'bout, "what's good for the goose is good for the gander"? Or even, "What comes around, goes around", comes to mind.

... not to mention the saying of "getting a taste of your own medicine"!!

It's even funnier that this attack on "Bloggers" is one against a correspondent from the L.A. Times who is not really a "Blogger" as much as a duly hired member of the MSM, all with the result that we get a hilarity of blindness displayed by this high and mighty "entertainment" Chief!

So, we are to feel sorry for the Silv-dude because those darn interfering Bloggers "messed" with his "process", huh?

Look at me.... I'm crying for the inconvenience of the MSM.

Or not!