WA Post: In Review of TV's '24', A Shot at Dick Cheney!

January 13th, 2007 2:16 AM

What is it about the Washington Post where they can't even do reviews of TV shows without attacking some Republican or another?

This time it is the TV series 24 that gets used as a platform to attack the Bush administration, namely in the target of choice, Vice President Dick Cheney.

In a review that is mostly a light hearted take on the adventures (and implausibilities therein) of Jack Bauer and the constant threat to national security -- that always seems to happen only in Los Angeles -- The WaPost slips in a shot at Dick Cheney.

Tick Tock Shock

The surprise after five full seasons is that "24" can still surprise. Its theme -- that tough times require unpleasant choices -- remains relevant and compelling (although the series does tend to resolve its national security questions in a way that would please Dick Cheney). More important, its multilayered story lines ripple with suspense; its twists still shock and satisfy.
(My bold for emphasis)

I needn't remind everyone that Vice President Cheney has been under NO indictment for the outrageous and anti-Constitutional sort of proposals that the WaPost imagines for him. In fact, the whole charge against the VP has no provable grounding and is but partisan carping and assumptions.

This is the kind of gratuitous, but sadly prosaic, shot that is meant merely as an expression of the Post's hatred for the administration, adding nothing salient to the piece in question.

I report you just sigh.

--Now for my favorite line in the ad for the opening episode of 24: Bauer: Don't make me hurt you Bauer's prisoner: You're hurting me already Bauer: Believe me I'm NOT.