FBN Coverage of Wednesday's DNC Protests Make a Mockery of AP's Story

July 29th, 2016 9:59 PM

Wednesday night's coverage of protests outside the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia delivered by Fox Business Network and the Associated Press could hardly have differed more.

FBN reported "thousands" of angry protesters outside who were in no way mollified by Bernie Sanders' endorsement of Hillary Clinton or calls for unity. Geoff Mulvihill and Megan Trimble at the AP only described "tension ... that lingered in pockets of Philadelphia" during a "mostly quiet Day 3," and claimed there were only "hundreds" outside.

The FBN video segment which follows (HT Gateway Pundit) ultimately shows a crowd that's easily larger than 1,000 — and though described as "non-violent," there's no shortage of tension:

Transcript (bolds are mine):

TRISH REGAN (from studio): People protesting. A lot of these are people that were pro-Bernie that don't like TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership). What's going on there?

FBN ON-SCENE REPORTER: Whether this was a good speech or a bad speech, Trish, you can see this scene out on the street. It doesn't matter. They are not supporting this ticket. They are not supporting the Vice President or the presidential candidate.

If you thought this was going away after yesterday, you are absolutely wrong. Listen to this —

PROTESTER: Hell no DNC, we won't vote for Hillary!

FBN ON-SCENE REPORTER: Listen to that chant. It is as loud tonight as it was last night. We just had a leader of this rally say, "We are non-violent." This is an incredibly loud, boisterous, and steadfast crowd. It is not a violent crowd, but we are surrounded by Bernie Sanders supporters that have surrounded the outside of the convention hall.

They are, as I said, just as passionate as they have been, and despite the fact that the President's speech is coming up, this crowd does not want to hear it. They are done with hearing from Secretary Clinton, with hearing from, uh, Tim Kaine, and they are done with hearing from Bernie Sanders. They are moving on. A lot of these people say they will move on to Jill Stein instead.

I can't believe how big and loud this crowd is. Trish.

TRISH REGAN: I'm still here on set with Lou (Dobbs) and with Kennedy (Montgomery). You know, this is incredible to see because in some ways I though this would be subdued, Lou, because the President is about to speak tonight, and there's just the reality of the streets getting shut down. It's difficult to get around here, making it perhaps less likely that we would see these kinds of protesters taking to the streets.

LOU DOBBS: As I suggested earlier, there are two conventions. One's outside and one is inside. And the one outside goes across a society of 300 million people. The Democratic Party right now is looking at a rift that it is going to have to repair.

It seems like it would take more than the "hundreds" the AP claimed to "surround the outside of the convention hall."

The wire service's Mulvihill and Trimble also waited until Paragraph 5 to recognize the protests at the convention site, and only did so in a single paragraph:

Actors, delegates protest on quiet Day 3 of Dem convention

... Late Wednesday, hundreds of protesters gathered outside the convention site as Vice President Joe Biden, vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine and President Barack Obama spoke inside. There were two distinct groups of protesters; one peaceful, the other anti-government. At one point a protester's clothes caught on fire while trying to stomp out the flames on a burning flag. The protester dropped to the ground and rolled around to put the fire out. Another tense moment arose when protesters knocked over part of a security fence, but police quickly moved in and put the fence back up. The Secret Service said seven people were arrested and will be charged with entering a restricted area.

Note that all of the verbiage appears to be devoted to the "anti-government" group. That group, based on what's in the Fox video, seems to have been relatively tiny.

"Somehow," the AP pair missed, as seen here in an Instagram video, anti-Democratic Party protesters throwing a coffin representing the DNC over the security fence — an incident totally separate from the security breach of the fence (involving all of seven who were arrested, as AP noted) by anti-government protesters.

To no one's surprise, the AP story didn't mention Jill Stein.

Fox Business, which according to the establishment press is one arm of a supposedly inferior news operation, managed to surface interest in voting for Stein among the protesters. Why didn't the AP? We all know why.

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