'Meet the Press' Has ONE Decent Hunter Biden Question, Jeffries Has Ludicrous Answer

June 3rd, 2024 5:30 PM

On Sunday's Meet the Press, after a typically contentious, extremely interrupt-ious interview with a Republican -- in this case, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) -- substitute host Peter Alexander interviewed House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) about the Trump trial, and then there was a single question on the Hunter Biden trial.

Jeffries claimed that it was okay for President Biden to proclaim "my son has done nothing wrong," which is laughably false. 

It was the usual "loving father" defense, as if that excuses the lying, just as Joe Biden claims he never discussed business with Hunter, which is also preposterous and a proven Pants on Fire lie. At least Alexander puts a little spin on the ball with a quote from The Wall Street Journal editorial page: 

PETER ALEXANDER: Sir, let me ask you about another question that we'll be watching and will make headlines this week. Hunter Biden, the president's son, goes on trial for gun charges beginning tomorrow. President Biden said last year, quote, "My son has done nothing wrong."

The Wall Street Journal, as you see here, the Editorial Board said at the time, quote, "That's a highly inappropriate message from a president. He's essentially telling prosecutors that they are wrong to bring an indictment because Hunter is innocent of any criminal behavior." Why was it appropriate for President Biden to publicly comment on his son's case?

REP. HAKEEM JEFFRIES: President Biden commented as a loving father, as I would hope any loving father would do. Hunter Biden of course is entitled, as was Donald Trump, to the presumption of innocence and to a trial by a jury of his peers. And this Justice Department is going to proceed in that fashion, present the facts and the law. And then we'll all have to wait for a determination that is made by a jury as to Hunter Biden's guilt or innocence.

That was it! Alexander quickly moved on to Israel and Hamas. "Fact-based" reporters don't point out that Hunter Biden has done many things wrong, starting with the crack cocaine and hookers. 

A few questions earlier, there was an amusing demonstration of how robotic Hakeem Jeffries can be with his "extreme MAGA Republican" talking point. Four times in one answer, and five times overall! Alexander asked if Democrats should be concerned that Trump will use the Guilty verdicts to become stronger.

JEFFRIES: Extreme MAGA Republicans are going to continue to lie for Donald Trump. President Biden and Democrats are going to continue to solve problems for hard-working American taxpayers. Extreme MAGA Republicans will continue to lie for Donald Trump.


REP. HAKEEM JEFFRIES: President Biden and Democrats are going to work on delivering real results as has been the case for the last three and a half months. And we're going to see that extreme MAGA Republicans will continue to lie for Donald Trump and present no real vision for dealing with the issues of importance to the American people. That's a contrast. And I'd rather be on President Biden's side of that contrast than on the extreme MAGA Republican side.

On the fifth one, Jeffries asked: "Can the extreme MAGA Republicans point to a single issue where they've actually made progress for the American people? A single issue? They cannot."