PBS Anchor Amna Nawaz Reluctantly Asks Mayorkas About House GOP Impeachment Drive

January 5th, 2024 5:04 PM

On January 4, PBS NewsHour anchor Amna Nawaz interviewed Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for nine minutes, but didn't get to the House Republican impeachment drive until the last question. Shouldn't that be the first question? Not when it's Republicans doing the impeaching.

After PBS lovingly gave live coverage to both Trump impeachments and the Pelosi-Picked Panel on January 6, we'll guess they won't offer live coverage of the Mayorkas impeachment hearing next Wednesday. 

In her second-to-last question, Nawaz asked about big-city mayors complaining about Texas Gov. Greg Abbott "busing and flying migrants to Northern cities." Mayorkas pompously attacked: "What we need is a governor in one state to communicate, to cooperate with other cities and states, rather than purposefully and unilaterally busing migrants, using them as tools to score political points, in an effort to achieve disorder and chaos. That is not responsible governance."

In her impeachment question, Nawaz said Speaker Mike Johnson says the border crisis isn't incompetence, it's intentional. Mayorkas smugly said "I don't have time" for political rhetoric.....after he had just shoveled some at Abbott. 


NAWAZ: Mr. Mayorkas, I need to ask you as well about House Republicans' effort to move ahead with plans to impeach you. I know you have answered questions on this before and you said you are focused on solutions and the work.

But what they allege is not that you can't enforce the border. They're alleging that you won't. House Speaker Johnson was at the border yesterday and he says he believes that it's not incompetence. He says he believes you have done this intentionally. He says: "I think these are intentional policy decisions that he has made." What's your response to that?

MAYORKAS:  I don't have time for — to address political rhetoric like that.

You correctly noticed — noted that I am focused on the work at hand, achieving the mission, delivering solutions, working with Republican and Democratic senators alike to fix a fundamentally broken immigration system. I am focused on leading the Department of Homeland Security with tremendous pride and inspiration, watching and leading the work of 260,000 talented and dedicated men and women.

Mayorkas also granted an interview to NPR anchor Leila Fadel for Wednesday's Morning Edition. She threw an impeachment question, and bad faith: 

FADEL: Let's talk about that, because the current House speaker, Mike Johnson, has been very critical, specifically of your department and of you. In recent days, his party has renewed its call for your impeachment. Do you see Republican members of Congress as good faith partners?

MAYORKAS: It is incumbent upon leaders with the authority to deliver solutions for the American people to deliver those solutions. And we have that opportunity before us now to address what everyone agrees is a broken system.

Notice pompous Alejandro again refused to address the GOP argument. But he lost patience when Fadel came at him from the Left and suggested Biden was... just like Trump! Someone needs a fact-checker! 

FADEL: My last question is you mentioned earlier that there are differences in the way that President Biden's administration has approached immigration to President Trump, but a lot of immigration rights groups have compared the two - the building of more wall, the leaning on Mexico to enforce. I mean, really, how different have the policies been?

MAYORKAS: They have been dramatically different, and I would take issue with anyone who argues otherwise.

Radical leftists who think Biden's nearly-open-borders approach is like Trump's don't even get an ideological label. There's just "immigration rights groups." This is your tax dollars at work.