PBS Wokesters Look Out for Hawaii’s ‘Local Menstruators’ (AKA Women)

December 4th, 2023 12:27 PM

Thursday’s PBS NewsHour tackled the concerns of “local menstruators” in Hawaii, a story that fused the tax-funded outlet’s search for niche necessities that require government funding with its ongoing attempt to defy science and pretend humans other than biological women get periods. It’s the latest “period piece” from tax-funded PBS, whose long anti-scientific advocacy for the “…


PBS, NPR Guest Put ‘X’ on Suicide Watch: ‘Increasingly Unhinged’ Musk

December 3rd, 2023 9:56 PM

The liberal media knives are out for entrepreneur Elon Musk, who has been steering the liberal-dominated blue-check bastion social media platform formerly known as Twitter toward free speech and increased diversity of opinion since taking it over. Thursday’s edition of the PBS NewsHour devoted almost six minutes to attacking the space and technology impresario. The conversation…


Column: Worrying About Joe Biden Getting 'Credit' on PBS

November 29th, 2023 5:32 AM

One way you know that most journalists are Democrats is their energetic work presenting about 37 ways the Republican Party may collapse into rubble in the near future, versus their cautious beating around bushes about problems the Democratic Party may have -- but maybe they’ll all vanish.


PBS: Trump ‘Would Turn Presidency Into Dictatorship’ If Left on Ballot

November 26th, 2023 5:59 AM

As part of its endless cycle of being scandalized by Donald Trump, PBS NewsHour correspondent Laura Barron-Lopez interviewed liberal Harvard professor Laurence Tribe to explain how apparently wrong it was for a judge to rule Trump was eligible to be on the 2024 ballot in Colorado. PBS renewed its recent habit of using a single source to amplify a fringe liberal or anti-Trump argument…


Taxpayer-Funded PBS, NPR Promote Brian Stelter's New Fox-Trashing Book

November 19th, 2023 8:25 AM

Taxpayer-funded PBS and NPR loathe Fox News like all leftists do, and both promoted ex-CNN host Brian Stelter's second Fox-bashing book Network of Lies. Stelter hit his usual point about how Trump's a dangerous authoritarian, but he thinks it's a "very extremist posture" for Fox to "routinely assail Democrats as the enemy."


Brooks Plays Dumb On 'From The River To The Sea' Chants

November 18th, 2023 10:16 AM

New York Times columnist and PBS NewsHour Friday weekly news recapper David Brooks claimed he isn't sure progressives know what they are talking about when they chant “from the river to the sea.” Whether Brooks actually has no idea or is playing dumb doesn’t really matter, PBS viewers deserve a better conservative perspective.


PBS Turns to Al-Jazeera Vet to Promote, Repeat Hezbollah-Linked Pundit

November 17th, 2023 10:02 AM

On Tuesday’s edition of the PBS News Hour, “special correspondent” Simona Foltyn questioned Gen. Abbas Ibrahim, a former Lebanese intelligence official with close ties to Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed militant group designated as a terrorist group by the United States. Foltyn worked for the virulently anti-Israel outlet Arab news network Al-Jazeera English from 2019 to 2021 (on the…


After 'Vermin' Remark, PBS Finds Historian for 'Trump Is Hitler' Talk

November 15th, 2023 3:50 PM

The Monday evening PBS NewsHour starred recurring guest, New York University professor Ruth Ben-Ghiat, using Trump's harsh campaign rhetoric at a rally on Veteran’s Day to compare the former president to Hitler. (With the far-left’s public anti-semitic behavior of late, some are cheekily tempted to ask if being compared to Hitler is a good thing or a bad thing on the left.) Ben-Ghiat…


PBS: Go Vasectomies! Birth Control Not Just For ‘People With Uteruses'

November 14th, 2023 8:39 PM

After the PBS News Hour aired a story on “How climate change risks impact people with disabilities,” they offered another niche left-wing cultural selection on Saturday’s PBS News Weekend, courtesy of St. Louis-based PBS “community correspondent” Gabrielle Hays, about a spike in men supposedly rushing out to get vasectomies after the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade…


PBS Pushes Democrat-Led SCOTUS ‘Ethics’ Reform: ‘What's the Holdup?'

November 12th, 2023 7:06 PM

The PBS NewsHour once again pushed the liberal crusade against conservative Supreme Court justices even as the issues has fallen off the map at other outlets. PBS is part of the matrix of liberal pressure groups, including ProPublica, aiming to hem in the conservative Supreme Court, as its decisions have turned against the left’s decades of gains, made on the cheap under an activist…


Brooks Mourns People Don't Differentiate Fatah, Hamas Terrorism

November 11th, 2023 1:45 PM

As the Biden Administration starts to go wobbly on the Israel-Hamas War with its efforts to turn four-hour temporary pauses to multiday pauses, New York Times columnist and PBS NewsHour’s supposedly conservative Friday pundit praised Biden, saying “he’s done quite well.” At the same time, Brooks mourned people don’t differentiate between the types of terrorism Hamas and Fatah…


PBS Puts Onus on Israeli Victims: ‘Carrots’ for Hamas to Free Hostages

November 10th, 2023 6:32 PM

One way to demonstrate the slant in PBS’s coverage of the Israel-Hamas war is to compare and contrast how their interviewers treat representatives of the respective sides. On Monday’s edition of the PBS NewsHour, reporter Leila Molana-Allen conducted a friendly interview with Mohammad Shtayyeh, the prime minister of the Palestinian Authority, which represents the West Bank, and who…

Hacks for Hamas: PBS Sees ‘Staggering Milestone in Gaza’ on Death Toll

November 8th, 2023 10:47 AM

Even more so than the network evening news shows, the PBS NewsHour and PBS News Weekend news programs have been obsessed with the death toll in Gaza during Israel’s counterattack, even to the point of downplaying the latest Trump courtroom dramas (usually catnip for the liberal press) in order to lead every night with the grim scenes out of Gaza. It’s a one-sided view that…


PBS NewsHour Agenda: Trashing Conservatives in Congress Is What We Do

November 6th, 2023 11:24 AM

The "Week In Review" segment at the PBS NewsHour on Friday nights is a popular segment. That might be because liberals love the way they trash conservative Republicans routinely. Sen. Tommy Tuberville was the primary target, but Jonathan Capehart trashed new House Speaker Mike Johnson. Brooks said he wouldn't do that. He compared him to FDR, and then insisted FDR is a giant next to "…