NewsBusters Podcast: Gold Star Families Angry at Biden on Afghanistan Deemed Not News

August 30th, 2023 10:54 PM

Gold Star families who lost loved ones in the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan are not happy with President Biden, or the State Department, or the Pentagon. This might explain why the networks have tried to avoid these people, since they seem like guardians of whatever popularity Biden still has.

Joining in on the podcast is news analyst Kevin Tober, who works the evening news and the Sunday shows. On August 7, House Republicans held a hearing with the grieving families. Fox News covered the hearing live in the afternoon while also providing viewers who may have missed it a full recap during Special Report. All three evening news networks thumbed their nose at the Gold Star families by ignoring the hearing. 

On August 15, MRC founder and president Brent Bozell sent a letter to three network news presidents. “Gold Star families are being disrespected by the country their children died for. What could be more important to cover on your network than this?” 

On August 29, the House held another hearing. NBC Nightly News showed up. Ryan Nobles did a story that let families complain about Biden, and then matched it with a Biden clip and a Pentagon staffer on defense. Balance can be achieved.

They can give you hours and hours of live coverage of the House January 6 Committee, but they can’t do two minutes on this? Instad, we saw reports on Amazon raising its purchase minimum to qualify for free shipping (ABC), and a water main break in New York's Times Square (CBS). 

We also discuss the Ron DeSantis campaign and how the pro-Biden media shamelessly tried to suggest that DeSantis pushing against teaching critical race theory in Florida high schools was somehow connected to a white man shooting three black people dead. This smear was repeated across the leftist media landscape.

Finally, we explore how our allegedly curious journalists don't want to report on nasty climate protesters, who block highways and vandalize art works and glue themselves to walls and roads to draw attention to themselves. Let's guess they know how wildly unpopular these tactics are, so they don't routinely appear on TV. 

Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts.